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Scanners Do Not See SSIDs after 5520 WLC Update to Version




We have a group of scanners - Intermec CK3X - that did not reconnect to the WLAN after we upgraded our WLC to version We were at I did not make any config changes with the update, but now I have been tinkering with different settings to see if we can make it work, but so far nothing. They are 802.11abg. These are the only devices not connecting to our wireless. 


The only positive change we saw was when I unchecked the "Client Exclusion" checkbox under the WLAN in Advanced Settings. The client saw the AP for a bit, however, identified it as the wrong L2 security (even though it was configured the same as the settings defined in the WLC), then just dropped it again. These devices do not see any of the wireless controller's SSIDs, however, does see any other rouge SSIDs. 


Looking at the data sheet of the device, I saw that it supported data rates of 1, 2, 3 Mbps. So I added that in our Data rates for the 802.11b/g Global Parameters. 

Data Sheet:


I did not see any positive change for that either.


We have spoken with their tech support and tried numerous things (factory rest, different security profile, etc), but that didnt help either. It has to be something with the update, since they did work prior, but I am not sure what. Maybe a setting is needed and I am just missing it. 


I appreciate any feedback. 


Thank You 

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Yes, there were some changes, but I was referring to the bulk of it. Like L2 security was changed with this update and WiFi 6, but I changed these to match the old configs of how the previous WLAN config was setup



That article refers to much older versions of AireOS (it talks about upgrading to but you were already on 

Have you tried following that and did it fix the problem?

Nevertheless I agree that you will have to try tweaking the settings on that page and the advanced tab.  It's probably caused by a new option which has been enabled which the client driver can't handle correctly so you just have to work out which one it is.

TAC recommended codes for AireOS WLC's
Best Practices for AireOS WLC's
TAC recommended codes for 9800 WLC's
Best Practices for 9800 WLC's
Cisco Wireless compatibility matrix
Field Notice: FN-72424 Later Versions of WiFi 6 APs Fail to Join WLC - Software Upgrade Recommended
WARNING - see CSCwd37092 Throughput degraded after upgrading to code - 2800/3800/4800 series
- The fix for CSCwd37092 is now released in and
- For IOS-XE 17.3.6 select controller model, go to IOS XE Software AP Service Pack, select CSCwd40096 17.3.6 APSP2
Field Notice: FN-63942 Lightweight APs and WLCs Fail to Create CAPWAP Connections Due to Certificate
                      Expiration - Software Upgrade Recommended
Field Notice: FN-72524 - During Software Upgrade/Downgrade IOS APs Might Remain in Downloading State
                     After 4 Dec 2022 Due to Certificate Expiration - Fixed in and 17.3.6 APSP5 (APSP_CSCwd83653)
                     Also fixed in (8.5 mainline) and (8.5 IRCM) if you can't upgrade to 8.10
                     Note that and have been deferred (withdrawn) and are effectively unsupported by Cisco
Richard R



Yes, I already reviewed the document, even sent Honeywell screenshots because they wanted to verify. Also, as rrudling had mentioned, it is not the same version. 



Maybe you should revert back if you haven't already, user experience gets worse the longer problem stays around .  I would assume Honeywell would tell you what they have tested with and if its an older version, that is what they will tell you to go with.  You mentioned you did a diff and didn't see any difference from the pre and post, so I really don't see what you can do to fix the issue. The only thing would be is to toggle off all or any features in the wlan setting and pray that helps.  If not, well, maybe a standard was updated and Cisco implemented it on that version or previous versions and the device doesn't like it.  That is nothing you can do unless the manufacturer remediates that issue or you just revert back to know working state.

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It could be Beacon drift issue where intermec is very sensitive about. Time to ESC the issue to Cisco Engg through TAC.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I worked with TAC and the issue has been resolved. The issue was that these scanners are compatible up to CCX version 4, with this new update, it updated CCX to version 5. We disabled it by unchecking "Aironet IE" under WLAN settings in the Advanced tab. After doing that, the scanners were then able to see the WLAN and associate! 


ccx crossed my mind but didn't think hard enough further. thanks for sharing the soln.

The release notes could be more descriptive about how to handle the non-supported ccx client. same goes to intermec vendor as well.

in this case: Both are showing same till AP model 3800

Key Features Not Supported in Access Point Platforms
#Full Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) support

Intermec CK3X - don't see this under this list
The following table lists the client types on which the tests were conducted. Client types included laptops, handheld devices, phones, and printers.
Table 8. Client Types

intermec may need to update this or relevant .doc to reflect the current trend for better customer experience.
The Intermec CK3 combines best-of-class platform components, including the latest Microsoft embedded operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1, and Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certification, ensuring seamless interoperability with Cisco wireless networks. The result is a more robust architecture that’s needed to successfully extend enterprise applications to the CK3.

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