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Hello All,     I need to fetch all the un-allocated ports within the fabricpod through Ansible playbook or some rest call or any other wayCould you please someone guide? https://*****/api/node/class/fabricPod.json As the above request gets you the av...

Say I want to upgrade the APIC to v4.2, what would be the minimum firmware version required on the N9K switches? I can find the compatibility information for the hardware model but can not find anything about the compatibility between APIC version an...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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Briefing about the scenario:I have two vCenter , one vCenter dedicated for Data and second vCenter for voice both managing few blades/ESXi host in same UCS domain. We already have successfully integrated one vCenter(data) with ACI and tonight plannin...

Please see attached picture. I am not sure how these showed up but I am unable to remove them (no delete option). They exist in other sections too, they all have __ui__po in the name. The rest of the name looks like the name from some other policies...

Hi Team, customer install ACI simulator on their VM machine but their VM machine administrator is asking why it need to accept "promiscuous mode", "MAC address changes" and "forged transmits". By default in their VM setup, these 3 settings are reject...

jpoh by Cisco Employee
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