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Hello there, I've an apic controller whose logs filesystem is constantly full: tmpfs                             2097152  2097152         0 100% /var/log/dme/log This filesystem is however mounted in read-only mode. /dev/mapper/vg_ifc0-data2 on /...

silk by Beginner
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I am posting a couple of questions on ACI Troubleshooting and ACI Architecture 1. I could understand from a document regarding packet flow that the ACI uses the information on the Broadcom / NorthStar ASIC to forwards VxLAN traffic. I have an IP ad...

Hi I am troubleshooting on an issue relating to bringing up an ACI multipod. I have a 'seed' pod (pod1) ready.  IPN (an n5k) is up.  APIC on pod1 is able to learn DHCP Discover originated from the 1st spine (pod2-sp1) of the remote pod (pod2). APIC G...

I'm trying to duplicate a traditional network construct in aci. I have a switch which has a connection to a firewall, the connection is a trunk. The FW is running 802.1q. On the switch I have two svi's and these vlans are allowed over the trunk. I al...

jgesualdi by Beginner
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During an ACI Fabric Upgrade from 1.3 to 2.0 we lost the ability to boot the APICs.   Long story short, to maintain CIMC KVM capability we also upgraded the CIMC (CIMC Firmware first and then CIMC BIOS once we determined that that was the reason we w...