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Just a quick question regarding the 'failaction purge' serverfarm command. When you specify 'failaction purge', does the purge apply when you manually deactivate the serverfarm (as in manually marking the serverfarm and all its reals as no 'inservice...

Hi,I have upgraded my Central manager WAVE 594 to version 5.1.1 and Edge boxes are WAVE 7541 and WAVE 594 version 4.4.5. Whether with this combination WAAS optimization will work... And also i need to create custom device groups - 8 Groups. Each devi...

Prabhu S by Level 1
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Hi,I have an ACE version A5.2 configured in one-armed leg (doing source nat). I have a requirement to add(or copy) the "referer" header value from the original request to the request send by ACE.I cannot figure out how to copy this value. It is easy ...

Hi All,Is it possible to add more user license on waas mobile server? or i can only replace it with new? i have a servers with 100 license each and need to have 200 license on each, can i just bought add-100 and have 200 license on server?thanks.

bullfinch by Level 1
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Hi all,Where do I find an file system description for below file system?I want to know what they are being used for.MOUNT POINT      TYPE       DEVICE                SIZE     INUSE      FREE USE% /sw              internal   /dev/md0             991MB...

Resolved! ACE bridged mode

Hi All,I've a quick question about bridged mode in an ACE module.Is it possible to have the servers on a separate subnet rather than on a directly connected VLAN?  Due to limitations brought on by physical aspects of the setup (and also security poli...

bmcginn by Level 3
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Hello, We have deployed 2 WAAS appliances lately and have SAP printing issues.The network architecture is as follow : - WAAS 574 on the Data Center "inline"- WAAS 274 on the Branch "inline" as well- WAAS IOS is 5.0.3Branch users do, most of the time,...