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ACE backup serverfarm on a 443 policy

Hello,I've setup a loadbalance policy where the ACE looks at a tcp/443 VIP and then balances sessions (based on source IP) to two different webservers. On these webservers the SSL cert is offered to the client and then we're all happy and secure.Howe...

peter by Beginner
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CSS11500 - Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

I have setup simple load balancing for our SharePoint service using a two content rules. The port 80 is intended to just redirect to port 443. The rule goes to services pointing to an ASP that should redirect the http to https. The port 443 rule goes...

ACE: sticky serverfarm

Dear all,I do have a question about the configuration option of a sticky serverfarm. There is an option to timeout active conns. Originally my thinking was that this option changes the sticky behaviour to a session timeout instead an idle timeout. Wh...

omeuter by Beginner
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WAAS version 4.3.1

Hi,WAAS software version 4.3.1 has been out for a while now: Nov 18th 2010 and I was wondering if I should upgrade to this release. I'm currently at version 4.2.3c.I don't want vWAAS (virtual appliance) or WAAS express (in IOS router) but I was wonde...

WAAS 4.1.5F causing DFS issues

Hello,We recently implemented WAAS for a customer of ours, the users are complaining of problems with Microsoft DFS since.The environment is a single 674 "inline" at the remote site (users) and a single 7341 at the server site. Both running OS 4.1.5F...

lennyc724 by Beginner
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Resolved! query vlan in cisco ACE

I've configured query vlan FT internface as follow:class-map type management match-any query_VLAN  2 match protocol icmp anypolicy-map type management first-match query_VLAN_MGT  class query_VLAN    permitinterface vlan 11  description ##query vlan##...

gavin han by Beginner
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Upgrade Failed in WAE's from 4.1.5f to ver 4.2.3c with SSL Error.

Hi all,I am in the process upgarding the OS from 4.1.5f to 4.2.3c . There was no issue upgarding the central manger.While upgarding the other WAE's from the CM and also from the CLI there is an Alarm as below.        Alarm ID                 Module/S...