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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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HelloWe're setting up an scenario with datacenter with three WAEs using WCCP to distribute the load.The core switches are catalyst 6500 so we're using redirect in. L2 redirection and mask to optimize forwarding of redirected packet.the problem is tha...

We have four  Wave 274 devices in our network(which I am new to) and one bit the bullet the other day.  I have extensive routing and switching experience, but I am new to this.   Cisco is shipping out a new device to replace it.  I plan on just plugg...

Hi, I have a pair of 4710 in FT configuration running Version A3(2.4).    They appear to be in sync, as shown from the command:PRODACE02/Admin# show ft peer summPeer Id                      : 1State                        : FSM_PEER_STATE_COMPATIBLEM...

malmgren by Level 1
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Hi everyone,Please see below for customer requirement and please advise on which of the products will be appropriate. Specification:·         Estimated 300 concurrent application users·         2 application servers seating behind the load balancer, ...

rahman001 by Level 1
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We are implementing backup exec between two of our datacentres (simple inline setup between the two datacentres)   The traffic is by default being classified as  ** map default ** and is having full LZ/DRE/TFO applied.  We do not want DRE applied.  T...