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CSCvm25921 - Signaling interface inactive on "show snmp mib ifmib ifindex de" on IOS 16.6.3

Hi This bug suggests this is fixed in 16.9.5 (but suggest the SNORT code?????).I have a 4331 with isr4300-universalk9.16.09.05.SPA.bin and an E1 circuit that does not appear to be providing bearer channel status via SNMP, but when we check the CLI ou...

CSCvu54115 - 9800 WLCs require documentation defining the supported MIBs and OIDs for SNMP queries

I would like this bug to get resolved:I am looking for the following OIDs not getting an answer from a 9800 HA Cluster running 17.3.2a. -> cDot11ClientCurrentTxRateSet. -> cDot11ClientUpTime.1...

CSCvn16882 - UnCorrectable Multibit ECC Errors in Tahoe Platforms

Hello,I have the same symptoms and the same log messagesI am in version 7.0 (3) I2 (2d) on the C9372PX modelI had a loop reboot for almost 2 hours.must I upgrade to the recommended version 7.0 (3) I7 (7) or proceed to an RMA of the moduleThank you in...

CSCvv57164 - Cisco DNA Center - 9800-CL wireless controllers inventory Sync Status stuck in "In Progress"

The Bug id states : It appears that only controllers with a high number of APs joined to them, and that service a large number of clients, are encountering this issue. How many AP's is considered "a large number" 100,500,1000+ ?Can you state what num...

CSCvh06508 - ECE should allow the user to set the Timezone or should take the system timezone

This issue also occurs in ECE 12.5. If I use ECE API to collect payload transcript activity data, the transcript is in UTC format and I have trouble to convert the timezone with current timezone. ECE API should have same timezone with server timezone...

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