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The workaround in this bug is incomplete, there is a missing number here:>update smart_licenses set active=1 where license='BASE'; >update smart_licenses set count=[MISSINGNUMBER] where license='VIRTUAL';>update license_caps set active=1 where capabi...

CLI command for memory verification:Leaf01# cat /proc/meminfoMemTotal:       16267364 kBMemFree:         1914628 kBMemAvailable:    3580324 kBBuffers:           17264 kBCached:          2932500 kB...<output omitted>

Why are other people not complaining?This is MUST for us MSPs. We cannot be moving endpoints from a policy to another and back to just perform and AGENT update. Please people, raise your concern to EVERY cisco person you meet and at every AMP event!

Hi, I have very strange issue - AP itself appears to be operational but local log (and console) is flooded with messages generated at very high pace:   *Mar 1 00:00:34.323: I2C bus 2 transaction timed out at line: 300*Mar 1 00:00:34.323: I2C bus 2 tr...

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