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Hello community, After rebuilding and redeployment of the ISE server, we've encountered troubles with ISE re-integration in DNA-Center. Both ISE and DNA-C are using self-signed certificates. In trusted certificates of ISE, I can see the DNA-C certifi...

JP10 by Level 1
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This year our organization purchased a DNA starter kit.  We have engaged a consulting firm for the implementation of this solution.  However, I would like to learn more about DNA and the starter kit.  Where would should I start?  There is so much inf...

Hi all, What are the functionalities that can be achieved with Prime and not with DNA center ?In other terms do i have an interest in having both Prime and DNA center to manage my campus network ? Thank you

taytibob by Level 1
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Hi All, I understand that a DNAC 3-node cluster only supports HA for automation services and not for assurance services. Reading the DNAC high availability design guides, I believe that the assurance services run on the seed node. If the seed node fa...

de1denta by Level 3
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