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Am a learner currently studying fundementals of cybersecurity and am unable to proceed with using the  CSE-LABVM Virtual Machine for PT lab 'Explore file and data Encryption'  because it prompts me to enter a password but i cannot enter it. It looks ...

gherghi by Beginner
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CML Sandbox: I have a IOSv-L2 switch in my lab.  When I save it, come back another day, import my lab and start it up, everything comes up except VLAN interfaces on my IOSv-L2 switch.  For instance, I have two interfaces as access ports set to VLAN 1...

Hello,Having been having an issue with devices on CML. I start devices but they seem to hang and I can't console into them. I've tried wiping them and restarting, or even just building completely new topologies but run into same issue. Get this error...

halvinN by Beginner
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I have CML2 Personal 2.4 running on ESXi 7.0. Have allocated double the CPU, Memory and storage. Refplat file copied with no issues. Here's the proble. I can create any node. Similarly, I can start any node accept for IOSVRv9k. It is the only image I...

Limmer by Beginner
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Hello! I am currently in the process of purchasing 4 CML personal use licenses. I was prompted with the option to put the emails for all 4 folks or assign them all to me. If I assign them to me can I distribute them at a later time once everyone is b...

IT1Andy by Beginner
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