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Hello, Trying to upgrade a ISR 1100 and come across this doubt,  and trying to understand what means each option.  Can you elaborate about what's the difference between each option? Thanks  

Screenshot 2023-08-16 114426.png
rjds by Beginner
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Dears I need to download the Secure client application or AnyConnect 4.10 to build the lab for ISE v3.2 but I can not download the application as I did not have a license, what can I do? any support, please AnyConnect 4.10 is available to customers w...

Ib_Reda by Beginner
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UCS Cisco Integrated Management Controller にGoogle Chrome または Microsoft Edgeで接続するとき、直接URLを入力するとログイン画面が表示されるが、htmlファイルのAタグにしてapacheに保存し、そのhtmlファイルを開いてからCIMCのアドレスをクリックするとAccess denied -- Forbiddenと表示されてログイン画面が表示されません。そのhtmlファイルをWindowsデスクトップ上に保存してからそのh...

We've noticed a discrepancy between the data retrieved from the API and the data displayed in the UI regarding devices and inventory information in Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Can someone please help us understand the key differences between these tw...

Dear all,We implemented Cisco Jabber in Germany. We always need to dial the prefix 9 to get a line and than (for a strange reason) we must dial the country code 0049 to be able to call. So even in Germany we always need to dial the country code. What...

NondasK by Beginner
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