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Please note the Webex For Developers forum above has a more active community. Content will be migrating to this forum in the near future. For additional help, you can go to the Webex for Developers Support page.

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Resolved! Cannot provision a second lab

I have same problem which is described here. Cannot provision a second labI can't reuse same email address when creating a new webex lab. There are no way to refresh expired lab session or change settings there. Do you have plans to fix it? It is ver...

Resolved! Getting failure in response "Fail to forward request:null". Can somebody please help me on this.

I am using XML API to make XML request to create the user by using python. but i am getting response Fail to forward request:null. what is the workaround for this issue?XML request<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><serv:message xmlns:xsi="http://...

Resolved! Lag in History Updates

I've written a job to pull a list of recordings using the LstRecording XML API.  I then pull the list of Attendees for each meeting using the LstmeetingattendeeHistory XML API.   I'm noticing a weird thing.It appears the recording shows up quickly bu...

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