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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Using the SOAP tool to verify EWS permissions for Unity Connection SIB cases

Tray Stoutmeyer
Cisco Employee

One can use the SOAP tool to prove that it's the mailbox on Exchange when dealing with customers with one or a handful of users that have issues with SIB when all others seem to work fine. This will help remove CUC from the picture so they can either delete and recreate the mailbox on Exchange or pursue the issue with Microsoft.

SOAP Test tool to verify EWS permissions

1.       Download the SOAP test tool from here:

2.       Extract the files, then launch: “SOAP Test Application.exe”

3.       You can enter the SOAP URL manually or use the Tools/EWs/Autodiscover to discover the setting.

In our case, the URL is:

4.       Since we want to test the Unity Service Accounts permissions, change the “Authentication” radio button to “Use specified credentials”, then enter the proper information.

5.       Since we want to test impersonation ability of the Unity Service Account, we need to complete the “EWS SOAP Header” section.

       a.       Chose the proper Exchange version from the drop down

       b.      Click the “Set” button.

                  i.      Set the Method of identification to “Primary SMTP Address”

                  ii.      Set the impersonated identity to the primary SMTP address of the mailbox you wish to test

                  iii.      Click Save

6.        Chose a template. (e.g. “Get Folder”), then choose “load template”,

       a.       enter “Inbox” on the folder name

       b.      Click “close”

7.       Click Send


Example of Success:


Example of failure:




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