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CAD Integrated Browser Popups As New-tab

Hello, CDA with UCCX 8.5 has an option to enable/disable "Popups in new Windows" wich turns on or off to open popups from integrated browser as new tab or as new IE Window. I disabled it, and popup url like:, is opened in new tab within CAD, but for eg: is opened in new IE window. What is the reason to open popup as new IE windows if  "Popups in new Windows" disabled? Is there any workaround for it?

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I just find out that the only problem with popup is that, if url contains "0" it will be opened as new IE windows, if not as new tab. :\  Can't even think what for is that. "" is ok, opened as new tab within CAD, but "" as new IE window, also same with url parameters, if url is "" is ok, opened as new tab, but url: "" is opened as new IE window.

Is this a bug or it should be like that?

Hi tornikezedginidze,

Did you ever find a fix or workaround for this ("0" in URL causes IE popup)?

I am working with a customer who is having this pain; they launch a link that I would like to open in new CAD tab but it opens in popup window and asks to re-authenticate but even this fails. I have tested as you did with various URL formats and can confirm that a URL with a zero, whether it is in an IP address, hostname or path (even a filename space that produces %20) causes a popup window - any non-instances of "0" open in new tab.

Hi newtonr,

I just bypassed this limitation with additional web application. This is how it works:

Web app receives notification when new Popup should be opened.

Web app popups new link without "0" characters in new agent browser tab, and then new tab redirects to correct URL with "0"-s.

note: I found cisco uccx quite buggy in my project.


Launching a browser can be done in two ways.

1. Launching an external application

2. HTTP action

Please check if the browser opening action is part of the launch external application.

Or see if its enabled through HTTP action browser tab.

And set it according to your usage.



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Hi anchoudh,

the problem is different here. Integrated browser works, and openes web page according to actions, also CDA has options, Open Popups in new tab (something like this), and if it's marked, popups from web page, will be opened as new CAD tab. But if popup URL contains "0" it will be opened as new IE windows.


I do have the same issue of pop up to a new IE window. For me the integrated browser works fine. Also when I tries to open via external application, that also goes fine. Issue is with new window pop up..

Any clues please..


Ratheesh Kumar

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