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Callback UCCX - How to report on calls that actually were successful or not

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We have scenario whereby callers are asked if they want to be called back.


If Yes

They enter their phone number and the called is queued and they get a call back when agent becomes available.


The issue - some customers complaining that they are not getting a call back.


How can we check to see if calls are being made back to the clients - what logs, reports or options are available to check this ?


Thank you


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Hi -  Did u get any solution for the callback Issue, Even i am experiencing the same i didn't get any reports for callback.





Quickest way would be to use 'Set Enterprise Data' to set a paricular variable (one of custom1-10, caller entered digits, or account number, as these go into the HR DB). Set this to 'callback set' when it's queued, 'callback offered' when it goes to an agent, then 'callback made' when it is attempted. Even 'callback connected' or 'failed' after that. How detailed you are is up to you...

Then you can run a 'Call Custom Variables' report to report on the contents of custom1-10. If you use the other two you'd have to do a bespoke report, which gets more difficult.



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This is the callback script in the script repository.  I am trying to report on the CallerID and the NumberEntered.  Follow this recommendation, and not getting anything in Call Custom Variable report. 

Christian Legg
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We had the exact same issue some time ago.

We worked around it by using an external SQL database to keep track of the state of callback requests.

When a caller requested a callback we made a note of this in the database and then threw the call into a call-back script.

When the call was then presented to an agent we updated the database, then when the call was connected to the original agent we updated the database entry again.

If the initial push of information to the database about the callback is a write, and the subsequent pushes are updates, you can have a separate task that runs every now and then to report on the status of callbacks - whether they are yet to be returned, whether they were returned at all, and what happened if they were returned.

We extended this database push to become a generic database logging system for our UCCX scripts, with the result that we can now output debug and tracking information from any of our UCCX scripts, as well as use it to trace callbacks.

Analysis of the data probably requires an inhouse DBA though!



Same case happen to me. Would like to ask did you manage found any solution or workaround to trace or check is the callback being sent?




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