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caller from PSTN stays on the line after agent hangs up


Does anyone know of a way to redirect the call to a CTI RP if the caller stays on the line after the agent hangs up? We want to redirect the caller to a customer survey if the caller stays on the line. If it can be done, is it a one size fits all? In other words, will it only direct to one and only one CTI RP? We have several departments with their own surveys they want implemented. Somehow, the caller needs to be redirected to the relevant CTI RP based on which ICM DNIS they came through. We have ICM 7.0, Call Manager 4.2(3) and IVR 4.04.



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Riccardo Bua

Hi Stu,

looks like you have some post call survey, the agent needs to initiate a consult or blind transfer to the dnis you have setup with the proper JTAPI trigger on the IPIVR, otherwise you have no way to deal with the call after it has been disconnected.



Thanks Riccardo. I was afraid that is the case.

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CVP has these capability. It can automatically route to a DNIS after an agent hangs up the call. It only works with CVP btw. While I've not done it personally, the documentation seems pretty straight forward on it.


Thanks David. We don't have CVP, but we'll mention it to our internal customers.

Hello Stu,

You may want to create a sub scritp on ICM just for surveys. Obviously it has to be initiated by an agent after caller agrees or agent sees the caller selection made prior.

Before agen hangs up he/she will forward calls to internal RP xxxxx that will kick in above script that looks for DNIS and sends the call to appropriate survey.

Good luck.


That's a good idea to keep in mind. The concern our internal customers have is the reliability of the agents transfering the callers to the survey. They are concerned about the validity of the data. This is why they wanted the system to detect when the caller is on the line and the agent has disconnected.


I need to create a script for post call surveys. Do you have a sample script that I can look at? I am fairly new at scripting and my client would like to do post call surveys.

Thank you.

The script will be exactly like any other IVR script. Play prompt which asks a question. Then record the DTMF. Repeat. Now, if you're looking for verbiage of the prompts, I can't really help there.


The script I've attached is posting the survey answers to a SQL database. We've had the survey in place for several months now with very poor results. Most customers calling in do NOT want to do the survey. We are considering completely redesigning the script. Regardless of the new design, we will still be using the "write" step for posting the survey answers to a database. Be sure to INCLUDE the "dbRelease" step! Your database will get angry if the IVR script doesn't have that release step in it after doing a "write". :)


I have similar requirement. I was wondering if you have dedesigned the script and whether you would be ok to post it?


I never could figure out a way for the system to automatically redirect the call when the agent hangs up. We implemented surveys for two departments. Both surveys were abandoned after a few months. The agents had to manually transfer the caller to the surveys after the caller agreed to the survey. Many times the caller would simply drop off the line afterward anyway.

The only thing we didn't try was offering callers rewards for completing the survey. We didn't try that because we felt that would alter the survey results. People would probably be inclined to give a favorable survey result with the expectation of a reward.

Based on my experience with two different surveys, I don't recommend using the IVR to survey customers. It simply won't be used.

As for a script, I posted one of them above that should still be available. It's fairly straightforward script...nothing extraordinary. I can't stress enough to always include the "release" step if you do create a survey writing to a database. I learned the hard way. lol

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