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Cisco ECE email knowlege base / articles


I want to add to ECE liteagent/gadget more functionality for knowledge base/articles, as there are now just 4 folders (Header, Footer, Greeting and Signature) without any option of edit or add folders/subfolders.


I want to add there option to create new folders and subfolders with articles. As Cisco ECE cannot do that now, there could be option to add article from external knowledge base or list articles, create new frontend gadget for articles with share option in activity / email reply.


I was able to create gadget which can push with DOM html text into the email body but this is not option because I am not able to add attachments into the email body/activity.


Can you help me and suggest what could I do to make any of these options?

Ex. 1 Get list of all articles and push the article into email/activity when replying

Ex. 2 Create subfolders of knowledge base


I do not know why the Cisco put that away, because in older version (CIM) there were these options but after upgrede to new version Cisco removed it.


Btw, I can see on the Cisco developer website, that there is also some REST API for Articles too, but I did not found anything in docs about it.


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Omar Deen

Ex. 2 Create subfolders of knowledge base

There is absolutely no way you can make this happen. Knowledge is the demarcation between eGain Solve and Cisco ECE.


Ex. 1 Get list of all articles and push the article into email/activity when replying

You can use the data adapter to make an API call to the Interaction APIs or any 3rd party API that could be hosting these KB Articles. This is a manual process... so with the number of clicks involved, you're better off stuffing those KB articles into one of or all four of the provided folders.!interaction-api-developer-guide

Now I know the difference between CIM, ECE and eGain Solve but it’s really needed to throw away basic folder structure in KB ?  Solve have a lot of great functions and who need it must go for Solve but really basic folder structure will be enough for correct migration for a lot of customers to ECE.

It must make a lot of work to remove relations in DB and change of web front end... great work Cisco.... 

And one other thing, ECE 12 with PCCE 12 have migrated KB with whole management functions to SPOG but role setup on SPOG is just ECE or not, therefore if I give access to customer for manage KB he can change everything, great...

So if you want to use Quick Responses and Quick Links for Chat in ECE 12.0 you need to buy eGain Solve?  Or you can use the Data Adapter to connect to a 3rd Party where these would be hosted?  Is that correct? 

You can still create and use Quick Responses and Quick Links. In PCCE version 12, the Knowledge Base console move into the Single Pane of Glass (SPOG).

Or is your question about agents creating their own quick responses and quick links? If so, that functionality does not exist in ECE (yet). That's still a staple of Solve. You could certainly use the Data Adapter if you'd like so as long as the agents are trained on how to use it.

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