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Contact Centre Certifications


Both the current specialist UCCE certification exams 500-440 UCCED & 500-450 UCCEIS have a last date for exams of 15 Oct 2021.


Does anyone have any information on what, if any, contact centre certifications will be replacing these.  


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UCCX Certs would be nice too!

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@paultrenter , thank you for posting this, this was news to me.

I've opened a Learning case with Cisco and will let you/the community know what I find (if the exams are being updated/retired but the certification will remain, if they're getting rid of the exams and the certification, etc.).

@paultrenter , I finally got an update on this, they've updated it so that the tests are available now through at least Feb 2022.

Thanks for the reply Bill.


That's still quite a short expiry though. What I'd really like is to know the plan going forward regarding Contact Centre certification, especially with Webex Contact Centre gathering pace.


Regards, Paul

If it helps, they may extend it again at that time (like they did here moving it from October to February).

Also, just to be clear, that's the last date that you can take the test, not when the test expires. So if you took it today for instance, your credit for it will not expire for several years, not in February.

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Hi @paultrenter , it looks like they've changed direction, the certification is still available, but now it looks like there are new exams (or at least numbered ones) that are required for new people to take the test?

I'd be curious if anyone has anything they can share if they've taken the new tests vs. the previously numbered ones.

Muhammed Ashiq

Hello Guys,

Any one had written the latest exam 500-442,500-443,500-444,500-445 exams?

How is the exam pattern is it based on 

or is it based on DCUCCE ?


I personally found the "new" 500-442 to be harder than the "old" ones (600-455 and 600-460).

Is it based on PCCE architecture or UCCE ?

500-443 (which I haven't taken yet, would love to hear other's feedback) is listed as being PCCE and CUIC. I found 500-442 to be CCE.

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