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CUIC: how to read Contact Service Queue Activity by CSQ Report?

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Hello, I have a contact center the operates till 11.30 am (managed with a calendar object). In the Contact Service Queue Activity by CSQ Report, I see several Calls Presented to my queue in the time range 11.30 - 12.00. How is it possible? 

Another question about this report: if a call is connected to an agent directly without waiting in the queue, is it counted in Calls Handled as well?

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For the first question, you should check if the time range step is correctly configured on the Script or if the Time zone is correct.

It also could be  queued calls assigned to  agents during the closure time.


If  a call is direct to the agent , it will not show to CSQ call count but it will show on agent calls report.








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Furthermore, regarding the second question, a call will always be considered handled if it's directly forwarded to an agent, bypassing the CSQ queue entirely.


When are you doing your time check. If this is the first you do and then som IVR etc, the call could go into the next time interval 1130-1200 when i queues to the CSQ

Timeline :

  • 11:29:54 - Customer calls in.
  • 11:29:55 - Welcome prompt
  • 11:29:57 - Time check - Opened
  • 11:29:59 - IVR menu start
  • 11:30:05 - Calls is queued. (New time interval for reporting)
  • 11:30:30 - Call answered

CSQ reporting is first counting calls when they are queued (Using the queue step in the script). Not before

Every call that is queued is counting in the CSQ report. Also if the calls is answered in the second it is queued (Available agents when the call comes in).

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Thanks, Thomas G. J.

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Thank you @Carlo Poggiarelli (ciao!), @Ibrahim AlQumairi and @Thomas G. Johannesen for your help.

Let me clarify the context. My script prevents a call from being enqueued during the concluding segment of each shift. If a customer initiates a call in the very last minutes, the scripts tries to connect the call to an available agent. If there isn't any available agent, the call is dropped. To achieve this, I employ a two-step calendar approach. The outer schedule manages the overall openings. I've just double checked that, and it looks fine. On the other hand, the inner schedule governs the queue openings, representing a subset of the outer schedule. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here's the "Select Resource" step, with the enqueuing schedule made with the inner calendar.



For instance, on a given day, the service concludes at 11.30During the time interval 11.00-11.30 new calls are either immediately connected to an available agent, or routed to "The rest" where are subsequently dropped.

Here is the report:


As mentioned in your replies, Calls Presented to the CSQ after the service closing time (i.e. time range 11.30 - 12.00) might have entered the application before 11.30, but could have been touched the CSQ after some seconds past 11.30. 

But what about Calls Handled = 0 in the time range 11.00 - 11.30? Why are all the Calls reported as abandoned? The service was operational during this half-hour, and I'm confident that agents processed several calls during that timeframe.

Follow up:

I'm investigating on the meaning of "Calls Handled" and their intervals. For instance, in which interval is a call reported if it is presented and enqueued in the interval 10.30 - 11.00, but handled later in the interval 11.00 - 11.30? The misunderstanding cloud simply lie here.

Thank you for your help


When a call is sent to a CSQ and then queued, if in the hold loop you send the call to a “terminate” step, the call is registered as Abandoned. 

I suggest you to do a time check at the beginning of the script to avoid false data in your agent’s performance report.





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Ciao Carlo, all the script logic is wrapped into the outer Calendar Step. So calls enter the main branch "Business Hours" only during scheduled business hours. The inner calendar in the picture above just prevents the call enqueuing in the final part of the shifts.

I suspect that those data glitches could be related to the (counterintuitive?) way the CUIC reports data with, when the CUIC splits data by time interval.