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Decrypt UCCX rootuser version 12.5

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i'm trying to get root access to UCCX version 12.5 

and  i get the following when i tried with UCOS password decrypter it doesn't work like UCCX 11.x

admin:utils remote_account create rootuser 30
SELinux status: enabled
Account Successfully created
Account : rootuser
Passphrase :
Version : 2
Expiry : 2-23-2024:10:00:00 (MM-DD-YYYY:Hr:Min:Sec)


is there a new decryptor so i can get root access

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Isn't this only meant for Cisco TAC ?

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Thanks, Thomas G. J.


As @Thomas G. Johannesen already indicated, the root user is only for TAC access and therefore can only be used by TAC.
Even if you can decrypt the passphrase, it's useless, because it's not the password.
The passphrase is used to enable the root account, which only TAC has the tools to do it.

And why do you need root access anyway? In normal scenarios, we the technicians don't need access to the unix level. There is simply nothing to do for the voice admins.

Until version 12.X, we used UCOS password decrypter to decrypt root passwords. However, in version 12, Cisco introduced a new security measure called passphrase instead of the previous password. As a result, UCOS password decrypter is no longer effective for version 12 and above.

Only TAC can decrypt and login to root.

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As with anything related to root access in CVOS this is highly unsupported. That being said, you can get root access to any CVOS system by booting up the VM on the recovery ISO and then exiting out to get a console. If I remember correctly you do that by ctrl+c once it has booted up on the recovery ISO.

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