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DNS Configuration

Dear all,

I've an upgrade planned for this week-end. For the version 9 of UCCX, the DNS is mandatory. But I don't have a DNS on the VLAN of servers.

I don't find the documentation for the requirement of this server.

This DNS server needs to have a connection the the other VLAN or just in the VLAN of the UCCX Server?

What happen if my dns server is down after the upgrade?



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Re: DNS Configuration

You do not need DNS, simply select no to the DNS question when you install it.
DNS is not vlan specific anyway, I think you confused it with DHCP.


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Re: DNS Configuration

Hi Chris,

I read on the "Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Installation and Upgrade Guide Release 9.0(2)" the following recommandation:

"DNS configuration and domain fields are mandatory for Unified CCX installation. Both forward and

reverse lookups are required. DNS is required for the VoIP Monitor Subsystem and Unified CCX Chat

feature to function and for integration with ICM by hostname in Unified IP IVR."

We need to reassure the client because the customers has already been subjected some issue during a previous upgrade.

I need to know

- What is the role of the DNS is for the version 9.

- What happen if the DNS is down after the upgrade, if the basic functionnality still running?

If I had a DNS server, the License Mac will be changed after?




Hi,Michel Is there any



Is there any conculsion of this problem.

I encounter the similar problem.The customer rejected to support the DNS server for management issue.


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Hi All,DNS is a mandatory

Hi All,

DNS is a mandatory requirement in UCCX 9 onwards for the fact that Social Miner, CUIC and Finesse (10 +) communicate to the server using XMPP that relies only on hostname.

And even in the previous releases of 8.x DNS was mandatory but not hardcoded in the guides. This is because most of the CAD Services uses hostname to connect and a lot of the CAD connectivity issues can be avoided with a DNS.

You can skip the DNS part until 9.x during install, and it would work but it can cause issues later.

Starting 10.x, you cannot proceed without the DNS configuration in the blue screen install.

What happens during an upgrade then? From 8.x to 10.x, if you upgrade it then DNS wont be mandatory but you will need to add the DNS Server once you are 10.x else it will cause problems with Finesse and CUIC.

Note: Changing the DNS Servers will change the License MAC and it will need to be rehosted.



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