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Finesse - Direct Preview (UCCE) - Call Variables Layout

Gerry O'Rourke

Direct Preview Calls on UCCE for Finesse.

Requirement -  to setup a specific Finesse Call Variable Layout for a specific Campaign.

If you setup a specific Call Variable Layout and assign to the ICM Agent Reservation Script, the agent See the specific Call Variable Layout.

But once the Agent Clicks Accept - the Finesse Agent Desktop screen refreshes and reverts to the default Call Variable Layout - which is an almighty pain.

I can see why this is difficult to correct, but its a feature that should be available.

It would be nice to see this 'feature' on the roadmap for future a future Finesse release?


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This issue is with all types/modes like Progressive...I have contacted TAC and was told this is will not work and i have raised same concern in cisco event last month.

Is there a fix for this bug other than changing the Default Call Variables Layout?



Not that I'm aware of. The bug basically just documented that its not supported.




Thank you for the reply. Perhaps you know? Can a workflow change the Call Variable Layout? Having to config a single default for all outbound campaigns is limiting.



Yes you can use a workflow to change the call variable layout when you have the user.layout ecc variable: But, since the root of this issue is that the user.layout variable disappears, I am not sure how you will know which layout to use. Maybe your setup isn't super complex and you can hardcode it?






The requirement to show a different layout for different campaigns would be a basic expectation.

For Preview and Direct Preview Calls you can set the layout in the ICM Reservation Script, but once the call is connected it reverts to the default.

For Progressive / Predictive - agent only will see the call at the connected state - so again they will also see the default.


Are you able to discuss with the BU and see if this feature enhancement is possible to get into CCE 12.5?




TAC has opened a request for an enhancement defect (CSCvp79634). I have not spoken with anyone yet. There have been discussions regarding this issue going back several years

I believe the best resolution would be to have the ability to define a Custom Variable Layout for the Reservation and then either keep that Layout or point to a second Custom Variable Layout.




It is already possible today to have a custom layout during the reservation part of the call.

You set the layout variable in the reservation script.

The issue is once the call is connected it resets the layout back to the default layout (i.e. layout ECC variable gets cleared).


The feature enhancement should simply be to keep the layout as set in the reservation script.




That would be excellent if we can get it.

Hi Gerry,


I understand the requirement and the issue that you were facing. I was just answering the direct question of "Can you change the call variable layout with a workflow".


I've already spoken to the BU about this when you first reported it. They came back to the fact that it is documented. From the Finesse side, there isn't anything it can do because Finesse doesn't control the call variables. Finesse's logic is to use whatever variables it is given from the CTI Server. So this issue goes deeper into UCCE.


I see that the new bug CSCvp79634 was opened on the May 20th and is marked as an enhancement. That is the best that can be done.





I have been thinking about this and I believe this might possible to fix in Finesse.
To change how CTI works etc. would be a lot of effort - but if the following steps were taken in Finesse code - it might be able fix it? Could someone in Finesse development team review below and see if this was possible?

Review the Finesse traces that are located here:

The reservation part of the call will have a specific Reservation CallType variable set - such as below:

And then when the call is connected (where the layout is not available) - the Calltype changes to Outbound
-- No Layout Variable ! --

Finesse code could be developed to do the following:
If a Reservation Call (such as above comes in) set the Layout as usual - but also store this layout variable for later.
When the next part of the call - Calltype "Outbound" comes in (without the layout) set the 'reservation' layout and i.e. override the standard behaviour - for calls of Calltype "Outbound"

The two call legs would need to be able to linked - and since FInesse 11.6 the router call key is available to do this.
Not 100% sure if router call key is available for both these call lets and if its the same - but maybe it is and if so - this would be very possible to code.

I do not have a trace confirming the router call key is the same for both call legs - if not - maybe there is another way to link to two call legs (reservation and call connect)?

Summary of the Logic:
Call arrives - Finesse knows this is a Outbound Reservation call - due to the "CallType" so as well as displaying variables as usually according to the layout variable, it also stores the layout variable in memory along with the call' router call key (or some other identifier which means it can link it to the call connect part of the call).

When Call Connect part of the dialer call comes in - again it knows this is an Outbound call (which we know will NOT have a layout).
So it retrieves the stored layout variable in memory for the matching call ID / Router call key and overrides the default baviour of resetting the layout to the default due to not having the layout variable.

The key to this solution is - is that Finesse can link the two call legs.
If there is - this approach could achieve the desired results.
If I get time - i will do a future trace to confirm if this is 100% possible.




I will forward this to the Finesse team, but I will say upfront that Finesse intentionally doesn't add a lot of logic for the calls and relies on the CTI server to give them what it needs. If I'm understanding your solution correctly, this would put logic into Finesse for this particular case/scenario. Either way, I will forward this to them for them to take a look.






Thanks. And yes - I understand why Finesse doesn't ideally want to keep any state info - but a solution is needed - either by CTI or Finesse.


Looking at this further - we don't need a call ID to link the call. We have the extension number. So if the Calltype changes from a Outbound Reservation Calltype to the "Outbound" Calltype - retain the previous Finesse layout - and do not change back to the default - so slightly easier.





Another way to achieve this without huge complexity is to be able to configure the Desktop layout is assigned via the the PCCE Campaign GUI setup. When the call connects - Finesse Built in 'Outbound Gadget' uses CCE API to retrieve the config value and so display the variables properly.


So this feature would require

1) a enhancement to Campaign Database table (a single extra field referencing the label ID)

2) Enhancement to PCCE / UCCE outbound Campaign GUI so you can assign the above

3) Finesse Outbound Gadget / Enhancement to Finesse - to retrieve the layout for call types where the CampaignName ECC variable is set (i.e. any outbound campaign calls).


This is a feature that all customers expect to exist in the product.



I wanted to point out that this is still not working as expected in 12.0 :(



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