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Get Digit String or Menu

Jason Amick
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Level 1

I work for an insurance company and off the main menu we prompt the customer "if its a new claim press 3".  Once the customer pressess 3 I then want to play a prompt asking if the claim involves auto glass replacement press 1 now, otherwise remain on the line. If they press "1" I redirect the call and if they stay on the line I will then queue the call.  My question is since I am only prompting the user for a single digit "1" would it be better to use a menu step in the script or a get digit string?  I think I can get away with doing both but wanted to see what other thought about using the menu step vs the get digit string.  Thanks!!

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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame

Yes, Menu would be preferred anytime you only collect single digit due to it's simplicity.  You don't have to then perform an if statement as the menu step does it natively. As you said get digit would also work, but you need to worry about inter-digit timeout and if statement.

Menu it is!! Thanks for the explanation Chris this will also give me the ability to add additional options in the future if needed.  I also do not have to create an additional variable for the get digit string to hold the customers input.  Thanks again!!

You're welcome and thank you for nice rating.

No problem, sometimes I feel I may ask too many questions on here but I have come to find that I get more clarity in my answers and faster turnaround from the support on CSC then TAC. 

I have a smilar case for menu and get digit string parameter I would like to use follwowing scnerio


- For sales press 1, for support press 2 for administrative presss 3 if you know the extension dial it, in that case I can not use menu and get digit string same, does anyone have idea ?



You could do something like this:

caller_input = Get Digit String(--Triggering Contact--, p[choices])
    Label Handle Input:
    Switch (caller_input)
      Case "1"
        Label Default Option:
        /* Do Option 1 Stuff Here */
      Case "2"
        /* Do Option 2 Stuff Here */
      Case N
        /* Do Option N Stuff Here */
      Case Default
        /* Attempt transfer if digit length is 4 */
If (caller_input.length() == 4)
Set transfer_to = caller_input
Goto Transfer the Call
Goto Default Option Timeout Goto Handle Input Unsuccessful Goto Default Option

hi Anthony


I can not do that can you please provide me screenshot.


I just want to do that: we want to play promt  on swtich variable if the user dial extn. it will redirected ext or if the user make selection it will run selection for the submenu.



I think I replied to the wrong person. Whoops!

Did you by mistake post this answer on the wrong post?

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