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HDS_A and HDS_B can not synchronized

       Hi Dear,

Could you please anyone explain me that HDS_A and HDS_B db server can not synchronized. What can be possible ?

We are using UCCE 8.5.4 .



Is both the HDS are pointed directly to Rogger A & Rogger B or is HDS A pointed to Rogger and HDS B is pointed to HDS A for getting data.

Is the data getting updated from Rogger to HDS A & HDS B?


Is there any way we could find the database sync (side  and side B)logs in HDS server and logger?

appreciate if you could put down the steps. 

thanks and regards



Hi ,

  Check the below link.


Logger  to Logger syn  we can do using icmdba  ,Before check the router sync if it’s A to B , you can do it from A to B . if you make mistake may be you will lose the Configuration data .


C:\>rttest /cust test /node routera

Router Sync:    05/22 03:54:21 (6.1 day) (A->B)


 for AWD & HDS there is no sync . AWD will get the data from Loggers automatically .

IF there is more different for configuration data , do the configuration data export from awd  database . A to B  manually.

Thanks & Regards,

S. Ramamoorthy 


Yep, HDSA and B do not communicate with each other, they communicate only with their roggers.  If they are out of synch, then your roggers are out of synch.



Please check the event viewer logs and update aw logs

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HDS A pointing the Rogger A and HDS B is pointing the Rogger B then HDS A and HDS B with synchronized between own db.

I checked the aw logs also seem below error log here.

Synchronizer is unable to establish connection to peer.I restarted Rogger A, B, HDS and HDS B.

HDS B give correct data but HDS A not. What could be  possible ?



You should probably check network connectivity between Rogger A and HDS A. Also, make sure all services on HDS A are running, check the event logs on the HDS for any hints on trouble.

If you don't have accurate data on HDS A you need to fix the problem within a certain amount of time. For instance, by default, UCCE 7.2 has a window of 15 days in which the data has to be synced from the Rogger to the HDS. If you don't fix it within this period, you might end up loosing data.

If you look at the process windows on the HDS, can you seen anything that relates to replication errors? (I'm sorry, don't have an UCCE environment at hand ATM) If so, your replication might be broken. The replication needs to be set up again, which involves truncating the recovery table on the HDS. You would want to do that with Cisco TAC probably. I've had to do this a few times on a 7.2 setup.


@mustafa - you can try following steps

1. Check whether side A and Side B Logger database is in sync

2. If the synchronization is not proper, you can sync the logger database manually.

3. Check any errors related to ICM services or replication in the Logger A and Logger B event viewer logs.

4. If there are any errors, please investigate it (share the event viewer error screenshot).

5. Also check whether the communication (network connectivity) is fine between ICM components

6. Try to stop all icm services and start one by one and check for any errors (In most windows services, the issue might get fixed through an restart of service).


Hi Venkalesh

How can I  sync the logger database manually that you mentioned step 2

There are no any error log event log  about it.


you have confirmed that the side B is working fine. so it is better to sync side b to side a.

Login to side b logger server.

Start->run -> type "icmdba"

in the new window, navigate to side b logger db.

on the top, in the menu bar, click on database and sync

choose side b database in the left and side a database in the right.

and sync it.

During this process please stop logger services on both side a and side b

If not you can try following step

stop logger a and b services

opn the SQL management console

export the logger db from side B

copy it to side A logger server

open sql management in side A

import the data to side A logger DB which was copied from side B logger DB.



wouldnt this only synchronize the configuration data without any historical data? the icmdba thing

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As per earlier discussion i was able to see this statement "HDS A pointing the Rogger A and HDS B is pointing the Rogger B".

By default logger holds 15 days of historical data.

Historical data is updated in HDS B. Which means that Robber B and HDS B synchrinization is working fine.

Historical data is not updated in HDS A. Which means that there is some issue for communication between Rogger A and HDS A.

With above information in mind, i suggested steps in previous update.

Also you can try the hds data import from HDS B to HDS A using the same steps which i updated earlier.

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