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How can I get DDI numbers information in UCCX CUIC 11.5 reports?



It is a new deploymet and the customer needs to be sure and clarify if is it possible obtain a CUIC 11.5 report that shows which DDI numbers were used to enter the different incoming calls to the main IVR, which has a single trigger (CUCM extension: 4160).

Is it possible in the CUIC default reports or is necessary create a custom report?

I am attaching a image with a kind of example that the customers wants.

Thanks in advance.

Ernesto Gonzalez


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Sean Lynch
Rising star
Rising star

Try using a "Get Call Contact Info" step somewhere in your script after the "Accept" step.


In my example, I use this as a subflow, but it's a single step item that provides a lot of info about call contact dialing:



I believe the information for which you are looking, will be in the "Last Redirected Number" or "Original Called Number" fields.


Let me know if this helps.



Ooops!  Sorry.  I forget the next two steps:



...if the details in the Get Call Contact Info step, are what you wanted, you will need to write the data back into a peripheral variable, under a Set Enterprise Data step, so you can obtain them in CUIC reports, as per your original requirement.


Let me know if this works.  I'm just throwing a suggestion out there for you to try, as I don't know how your routing from CUCM is set up.




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