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Integration Agent CCX to whatsapp application


If you have some information to integrate an Agent Finesse CCX to whatsup application to make chatting and call or If you have some code or guide to integrate that, it will be great.:)

Best Regards,

Erick Zabala S.

Cisco Employee

Hi Erick,

Task routing is only supported for an enterprise deployment (UCCE, PCCE, Hosted). I am not aware of any sample code for that integration for CCX.



How to make some interaction using Pyton scrypt from UCCE 11.5?

Because there are some library open source using pyton to send messages by watsup.


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Hi @Erick Alfredo Zabala Sanjines and @dekwan


How are you doing today? I hope fine.


So, last week a Customer with UCCX 11.6 with Finesse and SocialMiner ask me about that matter.  I have not found anything about that in Cisco docs.


Then, I would appreciate so mutch if you give me some step tips how can I get this for UCCX? I am not a develop guy but can try.


Thank you

Daniel Sobrinho

Hi Daniel,

I am not aware of any ways to integrate with Whatsapp for UCCX.


Whatsapp officially doesn't expose any of interfaces to integrate with any 3rdparty channel, so we can't integrate this. but there are hacks available but not recommended. 


We already develop Connector with integration with WhatsApp and other messengers (twitter, telegram , facebook, wechat, etc). 

We can also propose WhatsApp Business Account subscription. 


We can also propose an optional NLP Chatbot. 

you can find details here:


Andreas Stuber

Hello @Eri ,


We built a chat framework at that ties any chat channel to Cisco Callcenter agents. It also can integrate with a bot of your choice It can be embedded into Cisco Finesse and uses with CCX the same sort of Mediablending as you have it with Socialminer. With CCE, we are about to integrate with the UQ API for Mediarouting.


As for Whatsapp in particular, they have just released a business API . So you would need to apply for this API, and then tie it to the chat framework above.


Good luck with your project!




Hi Erick,

I don’t have any code but few days back I was wondering for a solution that can integrate my Finesse UCCX with WhatsApp when I found CXInfinity. This omnichannel solution seamlessly integrates all WhatsApp, social, chat and other digital channels with Cisco CCX/E/PCCE. Agents can handle everything over a single screen. This brochure can help you

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