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Monitoring agents for training


Good morning


Was hoping to get some thoughts. We are mostly still working remote. We are trying to figure a way that our new hires can monitor calls of experienced agents for training purposes. we normally would just grant them supervisor access for a period of time to monitor, now we are trying to think of a way in which 2 new hires could monitor 1 agent at the same time.


I do not believe it is doable, but would apprciate any thoughts on the matter.

Thank you.

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Hello @safety2008,


You are correct. This is not doable.

Spooster IT Services Team

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Like mentioned not possible via out of the box functionality. What I've generally seen done is have the training team (or just someone) put together examples of some of the best and worst calls and make them available offline. So as part of agent training they can hear the calls, pause then, etc. Much easier to do and something which can be used over and over again.



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As usual David's suggestion below is right on, but if offline recordings aren't allowed (PCI or something) or not an option, one way we dealt with this in a basic way recently is to provide a supervisor (or an agent, whatever you prefer) with a second device (physical phone, IP Communicator, etc.).

So basically this "special" agent/supervisor does the monitoring on their regular phone (on speaker), but also has a second device on speaker. You could have multiple new agents conferenced in on that other device, and they're all hearing the monitored call.

The nice thing in this approach is that if it is a supervisor that has the 2 devices/lines, they can offer live feedback to the agents as far as what the call that they're all listening to is good/bad.



Agree, David is always helpful. I am not clear on your solution Bill. are agents are remote with IPC now. so do we think a second extension on each agents IPC would work? or are you think something else here.


Thank you

So you can do it as simple as this:

* Supervisor hosts a Webex and/or conference call

* New agents all dial into that

* Supervisor then starts monitoring agents on speaker

* Supervisor can comment on the monitored sessions for the new agents, new agents can ask questions, etc.

Again, more basic than saving off recorded good/bad examples to files for later review, but may give you what you need in the interim and/or if you can't save off recordings due to PCI or other compliance issues.

Hope this helps.




Thank you for this suggestion. although it seems like a lot of work to set up for each call I also thought about conferencing, although not via webex, Hopefully we will figure something out.


Thank you 


Hi, it's not really any work/nothing much you need to set up. The agents who are listening are just dialed into the conference call/Webex. the supervisor just does their monitoring like normal, except provides additional feedback to the other agents who are listening. Depending on your equipment setup/use of Webex for instance, you may not need to deploy any new devices/logins/etc. at all, just simply explain the concept to the supervisor.


If you are open to 3rd party solution then you can check out "MARS Silent Monitoring" solution for your new agent trainees.

No additional Cisco license is required

No need to give access to the Cisco Finesse Agent interface with supervisor credentials

Agent Trainees will start monitoring the calls using the application web based interface.


For more details please write to

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