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Music on Hold stops playing after 15 minutes

I am using Cisco Unified ICM 11.6. I have an issue with my music on hold wav file stops playing after 15 minutes, but the call stays connected. I created a 3 minute wav file with the hold message + 30 seconds of music in between messages. I thought it should continue to loop until an agent becomes available. Anyone had this issue and found a solution? Thanks

Omar Deen

Check your Network VRU Script. What's the timeout set at? I think default is 180 seconds... set it to 1200 seconds

Yes it was set at 180 seconds. Did something change with version 11.6, because it seemed in previous versions it kept looping?

I am going to test the 1200 seconds now.

Ok after setting my VRU timeout to 1200 seconds and testing it, it still stops playing right at 15 minutes but I am still connected.

Can you post the CVP log?

What does your UCCE script look like as well, if you monitor it and look for your call? Is something going on where perhaps the call is having an issue and exceeding the number of steps for instance and dropping out.

The VXML application logs would be helpful as well.

Hey Bill,


I will work on getting another test call and collect those logs.




If I understand correctly you are talking about queue music when customer is waiting for an agent to pick the call. This is a first leg issue and I believe an issue between Ingress gateway and VXML gateway.


This looks like a SIP parameter issue, What is your call flow?  If you have a CUBE before VXML gateway some changes required on the SIP profile, but first I need to understand the call flow. Let me know the call flow and debugs from CUBE and VXML gateway.




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A troubleshooting thing to try is to determine if it's being limited by the number of steps in the ICM script or by the duration of the audio (15min). Try testing a shorter audio item (like 15s audio prompt) and see if it stops after 15minutes or after 5 loops. That'll help you determine if it's an ICM issue or if it's somewhere on your Gateway.

As others mentioned, if you have the GUID, then you can look in the CVP logs (c:/cisco/cvp/logs/ and see if the CVP Server is continually sending the audio request, to the VB or not.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I just did another test with a shorter wav file. It looped up until 9:46 into the call and the system error prompt played and ended the call. It usually goes to the 15 minute mark and just stops playing but the call stays connected.


Attached is the log from the call and also a screenshot of the script.

ANI: 5016824449

DNIS: 5016835360

Unless I'm looking at the wrong call, when I look at the cvp log for the ani you posted, I see the call start and end within a minute, not 9.5 minutes. Which leads me to believe that the voice browser is being 'overloaded' and the audio requests are not playing to completion on the vb before returning to ICM (which is how VXML Server plays audio elements).
What versions of the VB and CVP do you have?

5192552: Mar 30 2020 10:25:49.781 


132436779: Mar 30 2020 10:26:20.706 -


To Jenine's point, does ICM try to deliver a ghost call when the test agent goes ready at 9 or 14 minutes?  It would quickly go reserved to not ready.   What is the disposition flag/code in the TCD?

This is version 11.6

When you changed the file, how did you do it? It looks from the screenshot that you are using Microapps and not CVP/VXML.


So if you switched to another Run Ext. Script, does it work? Or are you always using the same Run Ext Script and just playing a different file based on script references?

I just don't see how the screen shot (showing 93 trips through the RunExtScript node) matches the log for the ani/dnis combo sent. I do not see 93 requests sent through CVP to play audio. I would expect each execution of the PM microapp to display in the CVP log file. 
Also, you don't need to continually go through the nodes to set the input_type to "D" or the media_lib. That can be done once before looping. Why waste valuable steps/resources in the ICM script.

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