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Retrieving NodeID-SessionID-SeqNum within UCCX Scripting



     I am working on UCCX 7.0 scripting where in I need to retrieve a unique number for the call. This unique number needs to map to the NodeID-SessionID-SeqNum of the AGent Wrap-Up Data Detail Report. I need to retrive this number in my script and write it into a custom table to be used as a primiray key in that custom table. Thus, this unique ID will link the CCDR in the standard historical reports to the custom table that I create. The custom table is being created to store some responses from the callers and will contain columns like CallID ( a unique ID), Reponse1, Response2 etc.

I tried retrieing the 'Identifier' in the GetContactInfo() step in my script assuming that this ID would be similar to the SeqNum in the NodeID-SessionID-SeqNUm of the historical reports but the 2 numbers are entirely different and hence I am unable to link the reports with the data in my custom table.

Any thoughts on how to work this through?


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Can you post the screenshots of the relevant parts of the scripts? Thanks. G.

Screenshots attached. Made during reactive debugging.

And where are they written into the Session? G.

I used Set Session Info and Get session Info commands improperly, now it works.

Thanks for your response.

Hi Kanat,

I am trying to do the same thing as you and face the same issue. Could you please share your script or tell me what you have done ?



Hey Pete how did you get Sequence Number??

I am also curious how you collected the sequence number - I have been able to expose the Session ID but the sequence number is not working for me either.  My goal is to merge these two pieces of data into one callVariable.

If you have been able to accomplish this successfully please share??



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