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Resolved! Nexus Switch Migration - vPC

I am planning a migration from pair of 5548 switches to a pair of 5672 switches. They are running vPC, FCoE, EIGRP, and various other services. My main concern is the storage aspect of things. There are a lot of VMs and storage arrays connected to 2K...

DATA Centre Switch

I have 6500 chassis with VS-SUP2T-10G (IP Base) software and wanted to upgrade it to Adv Enterprise software. The process I know is to upgrade IP base to IP services and then IP Services to Adv Enterprise. Please correct me and share please share me ...

Nexus2K port cannot be up

Hi Nesus5K is connected to Nexus2K with fex. Not sure Nexus2K port is broken. When PC is plugged into the port111/1/31 and 32 etc, PC NIC does not show the port is up. Finally we found all ports with command “switchport access vlan 2” have this probl...

wfqk by Contributor
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nexus 7k hsrp issue

Hi all ,   We have vdc x created on both nexus and fabric path is configured.   I have tried to configure vlan 3200 and noticed that standby router is unknown on the 2nd nexus 7k which has priority of 90 (active router hsrp). When i checked the outpu...

CE connection over mpls

Hi Three CE, CE1, CE2, and CE3 are connected with its PE1, PE2 and PE3 over mpls. We setup the same rt on each PE for CEs to communicate. If we want CE1-CE2 and CE1-CE3 to communicate without CE2-CE3 communication, can we configure it for this only o...

wfqk by Contributor
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Resolved! Nexus 5k power supply temperature alrm

Hello, I have Nexus 5k which is displaying  minimum temperature alarm 50 threshold crossed. I want to change the minimum threshold temperature alarm from 50 to 55. I checked on internet but I found commands which start with "monitor",  but the curren...

giacomo12 by Beginner
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VXLAN underlay in 802.1q

While testing a non-standard VXLAN scenario on 7.0(3)I7(5), I noticed a VTEP will not send traffic to the underlay network when the leaf/spine connection is 802.1q tagged (i.e. the VTEP's L3 interface is a VLAN interface and the connection between le...

Resolved! QSFP-40G-SR-BD

Dear   I have QSFP-40G-SR-BD on Nexus 93180Y , I want to connect from QSFP 40GIG to 6509 SWITCH ON  X2 10GIG TRANSIEVER, is it possible, What I have to do ,,I have to reduce the speed from 40 GIG to 10 GIG ?? is it speed negotiate command possible on...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Nexus9k VPC State is Consistency Check Not Performed

Hello.I use Cisco ACI on Nexus.When setting VPC, the status is "Consistency Check Not Performed" and I am in trouble without VPC.Please tell me who knows the cause.◆Controller:I1F7-APC1# show version Role        Id          Name                      ...

Nexus 9k port down

Hello   I connected my laptop to a Nexus 9k switch port using a straight cable in order to run a SPAN session but the link won't come up. Here is some output:   VCR1C1R4CS1# sh int status | i 15Eth1/15 -- notconnec 1 auto auto 1000base-T ____   VCR1C...

aok by Beginner
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