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I'm trying to configure DUO on CentOS and following these steps:1.- Modification /etc/duo/pam_duo.conf[duo]; Duo integration keyikey = INTEGRATION_KEY; Duo secret keyskey = SECRET_KEY; Duo API hostnamehost = API_HOSTNAME2.- Update /etc/ssh/sshd_confi...

We have integrated our ISE with two DUO authentication proxies (for tacacs access to our switches). We configured a radius token object and added the DUO auth proxies primary and secondary. The timeout configured is 60 seconds with 3 attempts. When t...

We are trying to get Duo SSO working to protect ASA VPN logins across multiple domains.  Our ASA can obviously authenticate users across domain names, and I have a SAML to Duo auth working in our primary domain.  As I add other domains, though, I hav...

asdraper by Level 1
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Hi Guys,  I am new in Cisco Duo so I watched different video tutorials. It come to my attention that I need to install such application in my laptops or mobile for some of the use cases to work for example the RDP Windows Logon or the UAC elevation u...

Our Org has AD FS and Azure AD, secured by DUO.We are deprecating AD FS in favor of a normal Azure authentication experience, secured by DUO.We are planning on entering users into Staged Migration mode to perform this.Are there any DUO configurations...

SALatPSTX by Level 1
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Hi Team,Does Duo_Unix support the Amazon 2023 Machine Image? We've observed compatibility issues between OpenSSL 1.x and OpenSSL 3.x, with no backward compatibility between them. Which version of Duo_Unix should be used for the Amazon 2023 image on a...

Maharshi by Level 1
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