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Cloud Gateway: 15.0.1-030Gateway (HW/Virtual): 15.0.1-030Email and Web Manager: 15.0.0-413Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Getting Started with Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Join us as our experts walk you through some of the fundamentals, key concepts, and outcomes of the Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense product. We will help you gain the insight needed to create a...

Hi, I am new to creating expressions for the Dictionary content on our IronPort. I understand it uses the same regular expressions as Python but I am having a hard time sorting out some existing expressions in our IronPort. I cannot find a reference ...

Mankney31 by Level 1
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I understand and support the automatic encryption of our outbound emails.  In an attempt to possibly make it better, is there any method using our existing C160 email security appliance that can warn the sender that a message will be automatically en...

Hello,Is there any way to monitor if there are emails in the delivery queue unsent ?Or a way to monitor the number of undelivered emails still in delivery queue ?I read something that this is impossible to monitor but there is a possibility using som...

I would like to know how we can go about the configuration of the retention period of the message details under the message tracking of our email security appliance.If the configuration is possible please let me know the procedure how to do it, howev...

Resolved! CRES Outage?

Was there an issue with the CRES service after 4pm EST yesterday? A few users reported bouncebacks that have the message:#< #5.0.0 smtp; 5.x.3 - Temporary PXE Encryption failure. Please try resending the message. If the problem persists, please conta...

KFrank by Level 1
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We have a content filtering configuration to check emails for certain account numbers. It's working great the only bad thing is sometimes it finds what it thinks is account numbers in HTML or XML code. This is random but annoys several of our custome...

KFrank by Level 1
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We would like to perform an Ironport AynchOS upgrade I have query with regard to upgrade path.  We are currently running 7.5.2-101 AsyncOS - Ironport.  Do we need to do a step by step upgrade to 7.6.1 and then 8.0.1 or can I go straight to 8.0.1.

Bighead81 by Level 1
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Hi ,I am new to Iron port Spam device, i will be getting below logs from my SPAM BOX on daily basis for every 1 hr starting from 14:00Hrs till next morning 07:30Hrs. Can any one pls let me know what is the impact of it on my mailbox services.below is...

I am moving from Multi Mode Fiber to Single Mode fiber.  Are there any special configurations on my 2960 that I need to be aware of?  I have all the correct cables and SPF's needed, just want to be sure I am not missing any configuration statements. ...

rayfauset by Level 1
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Greeting Expert Can anyone tell me how big is the ESA queue size? let say my exchange server is down and i`m still receiving emails from the outside, ironport will intercept these messages but since Exchange is down the message will stay in the queue...

I have one email domain (DomainA) that I would like to have the highest priority for delivery, it's an internal domain so I can setup a specific smtproute with priority 0.  The issue is we send a lot of email to a lot of domains (DomainB,DomainC, Dom...

Shawn by Level 1
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