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Resolved! Incoming mail policy for porn mail

HI,A lot of pornographic mails are passing through our C370 and users send them back to me in a special mailbox.I would like to create an incoming mail policy and add all the incoming domain of the pornographic mail to drop them afterwards.I think it...

araudevain by Beginner
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Resolved! IPv6 on a C160

Hi all.I've been trying to find out any information on when we can expect the C160 to support IPv6, but I can't seem to find any information on it. Does anybody know anything about this?Thanks,Fredrik Lindgren

Adding a disclaimer

Good Morning,We are getting ready to move our C370 into production and one of the last items that we need to look at is the Disclaimer.We have figured out how to add our Disclaimer to every e-mail going out, but here's what we would like to do.  Curr...

DLP inside the organiztion

I'm curious as to what other email admins are doing today with DLP inside the organization. I mean, the Ironport is meant to monitor traffic in and out of the org and apply DLP policies, but what about internal mail traffic going from dept to dept th...

SMTP cluster

Hi all,How can I manage to setup failover for SMTP in cluster.So far I have two machines in cluster, each of them has a same interdace called "smtp" (different IPs).In the Listeners settings (cluster mode), I setup a SMTP listener, and there is a dro...

Resolved! Mail Flow Central Reporting Issue

Hi All.I have a question/issue with the Mail Flow Central reporting.  First off, there was an issue with mail flow successfully importing files since Jan 27th.  This was brought to our attention by a user that receives scheduled monthly reports from ...

Configuring Listener on IronPort C160

Hi,     We are currently in the process of configuring IronPort C160 system. The email appliance is going to be set up in the DMZ. We already have a listener for Incoming Mail and has the IP address in the DMZ network. We have also configured SMTP ro...

Resolved! Attachment filter

I have quesitons on filtering attachments.1. Where do I set the filter in the gui?2. Is there a text file (or some other way) that I can edit to configure what file is considered to be an "Executable"3. Can I create a file type, for example "script" ...

C350 Spam Increasing

We converted from a C100 to C350 late last year and I am not sure what happened in the move but it seems like we are recieve way more spam then what came thru previously.Is there a suggestion on what the SBRS or other settings should be to help stop ...

scole by Beginner
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default settings for non-delivery report

Hello,where is possible to change maximum time for delivering email to external site? What is default time (and where is possible to change it) for delivering email, when remote site is not reachable? It's possible to chenage default non-delivery rep...

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