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DST summer 2013

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Hello everyone,

I'm actually looking for a CUCM patch 7.1.x to updata the DST for 2013. As last year our CUCM cluster change the summer time 1 week early.

I checked on Donwload area of Cisco's webside but the only thing I found is that file

Olsen 2012j DST update for  7.1(5x)

In the release note there is no information about summer time 2013.


Hervé Jacquemin

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Yep, it works with ciscocm.dst-updater.2012j-1.el5.8.6.2.cop.sgn on CUCM 8.6.20000-2.


I have the same issue on my customer site. But their CUCM version is

Do you have a patch which will solve this issue?.

Thank you in advance.


BT Support

Hi Eric, 

The tz files for CUCM 9.1.2 are at the following link

Do check the Read me file for installation and other important instructions.


Hi Manish,

Thank a lot for your assistance. I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


Hmmm, I updated two CUCM clusters (8.6.20000-2) with ciscocm.dst-updater.2012j-1.el5.8.6.2.cop.sgn and everything was OK. I also need to update one more whuch failed with cause:"ERROR: Install script of option /common/download//ciscocm.dst-updater.2012j-1.el5.8.6.2.cop failed"

After this failed attempt, when I go on Data/Time Group...there is no options for select.

Attached is the log from the CUCM, any ideas?

Edit: Very strange...after restart Pub/Sub...everything is OK with the timezone although the file was not successfully installed:

admin:show timezone config

Current timezone: Eastern European Time (Europe/Sofia)

Timezone version: 2012j


i have the same problem on 7960 and 8945 modells.

Does anybody know if you realy have to reboot the cluster after installing the fix or is restarting the callmanager service enough?

I want to avoid a full restart ...


I installed the fix on my ccm 8.5.1 and unity connections 8.5.1 - it needed a reboot but then the time was correct in both systems.    cheers - Ingo

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Level 1

Hi, I've applied the lastest patch for 8.0.3 from 2012 and still have the problem with 7912/40/60. Displaying time is 1 hour ahead. Is there anybody with 8.0.3 to share his experience?


Please see official response from Cisco TAC regarding Version 8.0.3 below:

I just wanted to tell you that I tried to engage higher resources on this case and got a confirmation that no time zone updater COP file is released for CUCM version 8.0.3.

At this point I can only suggest you to upgrade the call manager to 8.6.2 and then install the time zone updater COP file.

I apologies for any inconvenience.

Below is the link to download the time zone update file for version 8.6.2, you need to install it on all the severs in your cluster followed by a cluster wider reboot:


Thank you!

Its a pleasure


is available for download from Cisco.

One of my customer running CUCM version on BST have same issue.

Problem started last sunday 24/03/2013, All 7940/7960/7937 are displaying time an hour ahead of actual.

I'm applying above 2012c timezone update shortly on CUCM and Unity Connection

I'll update you all shortly on the outcome. right now they are Timezone version: 2010i (GMT UK)

It didn't fix.

CUCM version, 2012c DST timezone installed but it didn't fix the issue.

phones still showing incorrect time.

I guess, coming sunday it will resolve on its own and may pop again in October when summer-time goes off?

I guess, coming sunday it will resolve on its own and may pop again in October when summer-time goes off?

It will likely pop up again at anytime times change because apparently cisco is not able to code timezones correctly and is not willing to do any testing before the problem happens.

Cisco TAC on 8.0.3 version:

"Unfortunately there is no patch for CUCM 8.0, as CUCM 8.0 has reached the end of SW Maintenance Releases in October 23, 2012.


Therefore you will have to upgrade your CUCM into 8.5 or 8.6

After upgrading into one of those versions; The timezone patch 2012j is the fix of this issue "