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Vitthal Thutte

SRST license Separation

We have 500 SRST license bundled with Voice gateway. For testing purpose we required 5 license and same to be added in test voice gateway.


Can we take 5 license from our 500 license and add in test gateway?? Is that possible or license are associated with MAC ID of gateway and we can not upload it into any other gateway.

Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

SRST licenses are RTU (right to use) so there is no actual license to load or move between any routers. You can configure SRST on any router that has the UC/Voice services enabled and use as many “licenses” as you need, aka configure any amount of phones the specific model of router supports.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

There are  router which  use RTU as @Roger Kallberg  mentioned and  models which use  smart license.Both case you can add additional 5 devices if the model supports. 


Hope you are trying to configure 5 devices on a test gateway which has no UC license. in that case you can activate the evaluation mode using below commands.

For ISR G2 routers, evaluation licenses are activated using the license boot module module-name technology-package package-namecommand.

For ISR 4K routers, evaluation licenses are activated using the license boot level license-level command.


if your router has UC pack and not smart licensing enabled    you can configure as many devices supported by the  model and use it . No need to move the license from old router to new


If its smart licnese  mode activated router, you will see compliance warning on the smart account but still you can run it on evaluation mode.




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Since I upgraded my ISR routers to 16.12 and higher my EA is telling me I am short SRST licenses.


So I am not convinced they are RTU.  Working with my account manager and the GLO team to get this sorted out.

You are using smart license and you have 3880  license purchased  but your actual usage is 4280  and  you are in short of 400 license. 


if you free license available on other virtual  account under this smart account  you can transfer to cover this shortage. 



You are not using RTU license model. 



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Sorry I should have stated that the 3880 were provided by licensing TAC on a temporary basis.

I thought both you and Roger said they are RTU (which was also my understanding) which would mean I can use as many as I'd like?

I tired changing the my ISR configs for max-ephones to the number of devices I would need per SRST location and the total number of licenses required has not changed.  I have waited for the router to check in and the numbers have not adjusted.

It is RTU up to the point until you start to use Smart Licensing on the router, as explained by @Nithin Eluvathingal.

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AFAIK Max-phones doesn't change the license usage, On CME its based on the Phone/Voice register pool  configured. So the same will be for SRST, it will be based on the number of phones registering on SRST mode.





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Thanks for the replies.  Cisco needs to correct this for me up to the number of knowledge workers (I believe 5 or 10% growth is allowed) I purchased license for under for collaboration agreement.

EA, it allows 20% growth. But not sure how they do it. Better to open ticket With Licensing TAC.





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I have a ticket open for quite some time.  They are telling me only my account manager can resolve this issue.

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