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Resolved! CUCM 12.5 AXL

Hi,I am trying to create a new line using addLine (POST API) , one of the paramenter is enterprise alternate number.When I create a new line i am using the following XML parameters: <soapenv:Envelopexmlns:soapenv="

Daniov1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cannot connect to CUCM with AXLAPISERVICE .Net C# <<The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.>>

Hi to everyone,i'm developing an application to retrive some device and device pool from a CUCM.I have two different version of cucm, the first one has version 9.1.xx the second has 11.5.x.I made it to retrieveinformation about devices and other stuf...

AXL AddPhone DX 80 failed "Vendor Configuration is not in correct format for the specified product type"

Hi,I don't know if this is the right place to ask that question.Two clients encounter an error when adding a DX80 terminal using the AXL on his CUCM 12.5.The error is "Vendor Configuration is not in correct format for the specified product type".I di...

CUCM System Uptime

I am looking for an API that will provide System uptime, but I am not finding anything.  Any chance anyone has a way of doing this I am missing? I can get up times of individual services, and all sorts of good performance monitoring stats etc. but I ...

QoS and traffic shaping issue

Hi All Looking for some guidance and help to sort out my problem. I have a cisco 881 with IOS 15.2 and a fibre static ip connection with a 20 Mbps connection. My problem is that all the bandwidth is taken for the download and so the upload speed is o...

help00004 by Beginner
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AXL: Using RisPort WSDL to get the IP Address of the Phones...Occasionally returns ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

We use AXL API in our application to do 2 things:a) Retrieve the list of devices using the SOAP WSDL at /axl:8443b) Once the devices are retrieved, we send a set of SOAP requests to /realtimeservice/services/RisPort:8443 to get the IP addresses of re...

Resolved! AXL: Update Device Profile Line Appearance

I'm attempting to update the line appearance for a device profile's line via AXL. Whenever I submit the query, all the line data reverts back to default data and/or clears all information... For instance, the display, ascii display, line text label, ...

jeremy11 by Beginner
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Resolved! Java AXL ExecuteSQL returning row:null

I am trying to return results from a query and the data is null.  I get the correct amount of rows for the data being returned, but the text data is null.  When I change the code to print the length of the data, it is always 0.  When I log into the C...

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