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Hi Community,I have trouble getting the AXLAPI getLdapSyncStatus to work.Other methods using my "axl_service" work as expected.I keep getting "TypeError: Choice elements only work with keyword arguments".Here is the problematic part of my code. Pytho...

mb2855 by Level 1
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Quick question when developing applications based on AXL api, The official document of cisco AXL says to use "Java 6". This version of java is outdated. My question is can we still do the AXL applications under Latest Java version which is "Java 8". ...

I am looking for a way to monitor active calls for CUCM endpoints programmatically to drive a web-based display screen. Specifically, outbound calls active to a list of numbers and I am interested in the calling party extension. Ideally this would be...

nathan1 by Level 1
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I was trying to add an existing partition ("pt1") to an existing CSS ("Intl24HrsEnh-CSS833") and got the following server error.  How shall I solve this problem?   Also, where I can find document that explains each AXL API?  The reference guide is pr...

luoht by Level 1
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Hi - looking for pointers on the following AXL actions: Create Wx room devices in CUCMCreate new or reuse directory numbers in CUCMUpdate user account to associate device, enable Home Cluster and Unified CM IM and Presence, associate primary extensio...

Lets say I have 3 lines on a phone, line 1111 2222 and line 3333.They are in positions 1, 2 and 3 respectfully on the physical phone.So their AXL index numbers returned and their position on the phone are matched, line 1 for index 1, etc.If I then pl...