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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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I am doing a Proof-of-Concept for wireless, and I'm getting the infamous "Unknown" endpoint for a device that should be getting profiled as a Windows-Workstation based on the info that I received from Identity-Endpoints section.  My question is wheth...

JHILL2 by Beginner
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We have AAA configured as followsaaa new-modelaaa authentication login default local group radiusaaa authentication enable default enableaaa authorization exec default group radius if-authenticatedaaa session-id commonIt was expected that switch will...

Can someone let me know how to open port 22 on Cisco ACS server running version 4.1 (I know its an end of support version, trying to get a maintainance window to update it) so that we can SSH into it.Below is the screen shot of the current open ports...

Resolved! ISE Profiling1

Hi,I am using cisco ise and wlc, at the moment I am not doing posturing or anything, just profiling.Seems like it's unable to get past APPLE-Device for iphones, and for laptops it's showing unknown.I have set all the profling options to ON.Is there a...

We currently use MAB with our ACS box in our enterprise until we implement a NAC solution.  I am looking for a way to genereate a report on how long it has been for a MAC to get authenticated on the network.  Basically any MAC that hasent authenticat...

Hi , I implemented cisco nac 4.9 in our environment as OOB VG L2 with ADSSO integration ,before ADSSO was implemented  everything had worked correctly  , I  have unauthenticated and access vlan that have diffrenet IP range , when I do not have ADSSO ...