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Resolved! ISE - - Patch 2 - Retrieving Groups from AD with Internet Explorer 11

Dear All   We have a customer that is running in a issue with retrieving Groups from AD with Internet Explorer 11 with ISE - Patch 2. Even disabling TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 while enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 is not working.

ISE ECC support for iOS

Hi team,still in ISE 2.4 compatibility matrix it is said that in case of ECC certificate Apple iOS does not natively support ECC for EAP-TLS authentication. Anyone knows if this can be achieved using alternative methods, e.g. via a supplicant or 3rd ...

ppoggi by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Expected Behavior on EST Service

hello team,I'd like to know what should be a status of EST service for P-PAN, S-PAN, PSN and MNT if "Certificate Authority" is enabled for the deployment on the P-PAN.  So far I haven't seen any documentation that talks about it. My understanding is,...

Resolved! Question on Easyconnect

Hi Folks, i'm not very familiar yet with Easyconnect and it's limitations.Main question is, considering the below traditional remediation actions with 802.1x, can we do ALL of them with Easyconnect?- Shutdown on Switch port- Change VLAN on port- dACL...

mcavinat by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! AMP and McAfee - Response

Hi Folks,Looking for confirmation - When leveraging eAMP and integration with ISE. If the asset once authenticated using 802.1x is found at any point to be classified as catastrophic does ISE automated the response using COA - EX: moves the asset int...

Resolved! CoA action reauth impact

Hi All, Can somebody tell me the impact of the CoA action reauth impactBelow is my scenario, I have wired/Wireless/VPN users who are postured from ISE ( primary & secondary ISE nodes are there in my setup) . As of now the CoA action is none. If I cha...

Resolved! Smart Licensing on ISE: What is the exact URL ISE is talking to when using smart licensing?

Hi,my customer would like to migrate from traditional licensing towards smart licensing. They want to use a proxy to have the ISE talking to the smart portal and want to configure this very resrective.So the question here is: What exactly is the spec...

Resolved! System Certificates Backup/Restore

Are system certificates included in a configuration backup of ISE?  If so, what happens during a restore?  Are the existing system certificates on the target system deleted and replaced with the system certificates from the backup?

matthen by Cisco Employee
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is there another email? The feed service website contact bounces:Delivery has failed to these recipients or ( email address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's email address ...

mabernar by Cisco Employee
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ISE License (how to count)

Hi,  Anyone who has an idea how to count license for ISE. Below are the scenarios: 1. Let say I have 10 devices that is logged in using single account. How we will count? Is it per unique device or per user login? 2. The client has 50 workstations, e...

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