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Hi allWe have a requirement to provide IPS services on a HA pair of 4100 series FTDs. Specifically there is one flow we need this for. Two clients (servers) need to talk to four servers. The end-to-end path is: Clients > FTD/IPS > F5 load balancer > ...

Hello everyone I am trying to deploy a pair of 2Ks with code version 6.2.2 in Highavailability mode. My wish was to use the Etherchannel subinterfaces to perform this task (to use as Failover links) but those don't appear under the possible interface...

New to ASA Firewall.  Trying to setup a home lab following a Microsoft guide.  I have one network that is using AT&T ARRIS NVG599 and I have my home lab network using a Dell server with VMWARE installed that has 2 NIC cards, one NIC card goes to the ...

WannaB by Level 1
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I cannot reach internal web server on port 443 from outside, on ASA 5506In fact I cannot reach and on any port from outside.ASA Version 9.7(1)4 ! hostname xx domain-name x.local enable password x names ip l...

gdimitris by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I have installed ASDM 7.3(1) but the problem is I couldn't launch asdm-launcher.jar I'm running win 10 64bit machine, I have installed JAVA: jre-8u60-windows-x64.exejre-8u60-windows-x64.exe Please help!

Majd by Level 1
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Hi, I have cisco 5545-x with firepower threat defence software. I have two appliances and one of them is already registered to FMC, but when i try to register the other one i get an error. What should i do with this ? > show managersNo managers confi...

Hi am a bit lost at the moment with my CSC-SSM-10  Service Module for the ASA 5510.... Pls Help mei have installed the CSC module to the ASA5510-BUN-K9.... i have installed the BAse licence and Plus licence.  i could initiate a session to the Module ...

Hello! So I am in the proccess of getting the FirePower up and running on our firewall pair.As I have basically no experience with FirePower, I am facing some problems and questions that I have not been able to find the right answers. So, here goes: ...

Hello, i am struggling with solving following scenario: I have a mailserver in DMZ network with private adress e.g. and public adress e.g want to accomplish that the mail server sends mails out of port 25, but receives mails on ...

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