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Hi, Since the ASA 5585 has lack of interfaces, we are trying to add ASA extended interface module to the existsing ASA.  We have two (one active and the other one standby). Cisco suggested to have them shut down at the same time and finish installing...

ohforce55 by Level 1
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I am going to be upgrading ASA 5512-Xs from 8.6.1 to 9.1.3. Mind you this will be my first upgrade on a production ASA. One is local to me and one is remote.From what I have read I will need to use an upgrade path to get to 9.1.3 as it is suggested t...

I am testing and evaluating QOS from our remote locations to a server in our DC that is behind an ASA.  Using LiveAction I can easily see that traffic from the source is marked af21 to destination but traffic from the destination back to the source i...

DAVID by Level 3
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We have recently upgraded our 100Mbps line to a 400Mbps line and discovered the ASA seems to be bottlenecking the connection. For instance if we plug straight in to our NTU we get the full 400Mbps but as soon as we plug in the ASA we're lucky to get...

 I am in a process of deploying  ASA 5516x HA cluster ( Active/Standby), I need to connect this cluster to another FW HA cluster ( not sure about the vendor) with another organisation. I was given a network design physical connectivity as below, Cisc...

PNW Weer by Level 1
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i have two 5512-x connected and configured with failover , we had firepower configured with one of them only "the secondary" , recently we found that failover under show failover is show primary - failed also under show failover history it shows "det...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hello Experts.         I need your help to understand below two questions, I 'am new to FTD and FMC.      I will be dispatching 11 ASA 5525+TAMC license and One 5516+TAMC License. FMC image ver is -ASA has come with sfr image 6.2.0, can i dis...

Upgrading from PIX (6.3) to an ASA 5515 (9.4). Went to make switch other day, and had to backout due to a specific application inside the DMZ not being able to reach an outside destination host. Here is scenario:Src Host behind DMZ inter...

mjsully by Level 1
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