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Hi, The failover link between our active-standby ASA installation broke. The active remained active and the standby remained standby initially. After 90 minutes the standby ASA reloaded. There was no crash file generated, no logs stating a reason for...

plwalsh by Level 1
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Hi all, I have an ASA 5510 that sits between our DMZ and our internal network. I've tried replacing it with a 5515 with disastrous results. I'm working on replacing our organization's older ASAs with 5515s. I've replaced six 5510s and 5512s by savi...

I have had a failure on a pair of ASA 5510 devices, i have received RMA replacement but of course that licences that come with these units is a base only, how to i move the licence from the old devices to the new?

I hope you can provide me your feedback and commentsWe have client that want to set up VPN for one location using Private IP address and the other location using Public IP address.First location contacted through Fiber so we can reach it through L2 b...

Laith7640 by Level 1
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Hello, I want to add firewpower services to a 5512 that we have currently. The serial number of the device is FTX19261062. I want to see what is needed to add the firepower services to this device. I believe you need an SSD and then the license for ...

skarengin by Level 1
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Dear team, I have 2 Cisco ASA 5515.And i going for a Failover configuration...Can i load balance the two asa? Can i share my lan traffic on both ASA. My Lan network consist of only Single Vlan.All traffic is in single vlan NO dMZ ZONE... What should ...

Can I please know if there is anyway to make a permanent static route on cisco asa 5506x?  I am basically looking for a PPTPoE route to be available  in the routing table all the time so that my backup route won't get activated when there is some iss...

Hello, I need to restore Firesight Defense Center backup, and a need to do a roolback on VDB signature 283 --> 277. I would like to know how can I rollback the VDB version on FireSIGHT Defence Center? Currentrly my VDB is 283 and I would like to rol...

by Not applicable
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