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Will all generic vulnerabilities like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting Attack, MSSQL Resolution Service Stack Overflow, Unix Password File Access Attempt, HTTP Request, etc. be launched on the infrastructure on regular basis or is their any intern...

Hi all, I am hoping for some guidance on the FTDv on AWS image. I have managed to image the FMCv and FTDv and connect the sensor to the management center. I've added an Access Control rule-set which is very basic, allow any traffic from the inside ne...

Can following be termed as false positives in Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ? 1Application is not used in the entire infrastructure2Events where victim IP address does not exist3Application is not hosted on the server any more and .vhd file has ...

hi everyone, i need to create ACL to allow domain to enter our network , and they don't have a public IP , instead they are using Dynamicdns. So i need to add them to our white list by using Domain name. the problem here , i have followed all steps h...

oosama123 by Beginner
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Hi All, I have a requirement to integrate CISCO ASA VPN 9.3 with one of COTS Product. The requirement is to terminate/logoff end-user VPN session as soon as end-user is terminated in this COTS Product. I am aware of REST API that are available for t...

Resolved! Trouble

Okay, I'm starting to get desperate. Sorry if I posted this on the wrong forum. Here's my situation: There are several Cisco ASA 5506 x's deployed at our client's stores. What I'm trying to do is to make it possible to access the camera from any devi...

Hi, I have a ASA 5506-X. I have Cisco VPN Client version running on my Windows 7 Computer. I  would like to be able to connect to my 5506-X using the Cisco VPN Client Software with a designated .pcf file that contains the IP address of th...

martini11 by Beginner
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Hi, I wonder what would be the more elegant design/solution for one scenario where we have asa 9.1 with multiple sub-interfaces, one for each tenant, and internet on OUTSIDE that must be used for all tenants and with one DMZ interface that has shared...

rafael2gc by Beginner
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Hi, I am just looking for an explanation to this error message. I have a HA pair of 5525's that went nuts yesterday and this error showed up over a million times in about 20 minutes.  It then started working again with no intervention from me, and I ...

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