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ASDM 7.5(1) Bug?

I am not able to change interface security level through the ASDM. (I can change it through the CLI.)It always comes back as the interface was not specified.The screen captures are attached.Am I doing something wrong?Thanks  

gadamecz by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA Client-ID and DHCP question

Hello,I have an ASA whose Outside interface is obtaining DHCP IP & Default Gateway.  When I look at the DHCP Client Lease Information I see: Client-ID: cisco-xxxx.xxxx.xxxx-outside-HOSTNAME where x=MAC and HOSTNAME=configured ASA hostname.I am trying...

Deny TCP (no connection) RST ACK

ASA 5520 Logs are flooded with multiple Deny TCP entries on interface inside.  From internal user IPs to unknown outside public IPs:  Deny TCP (no connection) from 172.26.x.x/63422 to flags RST ACK on interface insideDeny TCP (no co...

aelsbernd by Beginner
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Resolved! IPS module for Cisco 3925 router?

Hi,  To be HIPAA compliant our company needs to have an IPS device. I was looking into it and I came across this router module (See link below). We have about 200 users behind the router and we have 2 branch offices with a similar setup. My concerns ...

nating a public ip to a public ip

Hello, we have a firewall with a few interfaces. there is a basic nat setup from inside to outside for internet. We are going to be routing a public block through this firewall for internet. The reason is there is a content filter appliance inline fo...

Ping dont pass through ASA

Hello all, Recently, i have installed ASA-5512x. Internal users (LAN) are able to browse different web sites. However, when executing ping to any of these websites they get  the "Request Timed out" response.I guess there is something wrong on the ASA...

Resolved! Migrate ASA 5520 to 5525x

Hi  We are replacing an ASA5520 with a 5525-x.ASA5520 version 8.4(1)ASA5525X version 9.2(2)4 Can anyone advise the best approach please. Ist it possible to backup the full config file on one using ASDM and restoring on the other.  Thanks

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! ASA VPN Public IPs

HiIf I have a public IP subnet of /24, when configuring remote access VPNS, can VPNs from different customers use different IP from the public range although only one IP is assigned to the outside interface, or do they all have to terminate on the ou...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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