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Hi, I have two set of 5585-ssp20, and I would like to configure clustering betwee them.  But I couldn't see cluster license in the hardware delivery challan.  Is it require to order cluster license separately or with 5585-x cluster license is inbuild...

Hi, have a web server inside with a static NAT. Server can be reach from internet without problem. But I would like to mask the public IP and use the inside interface. What I mean, when the trafic goes to the server, I can see the Public IP (packet ...

This an opportunity to learn about Cisco SSL VPN  feature, clientless VPN and Anyconnect remote access client with Mohammad Alhyari.Monday, April 27th, 2015  to Friday, May 8th, 2015 Featured ExpertMohammad Alhyari is a customer support engineer at...

Lisa Latour by Frequent Contributor
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Guys, I'm having an issue with a configuration and need your help solving it, maybe even a whole new point of view. I need to create a  VPN back to one data provider and basically I have to PAT a whole subnet behind a public ip different from the (AS...

Hey all, I need to pick your brains on this one as I have run out of ideas and still cannot figure out why I am unable to reach new destinations.  Just recently we added a new site into our WAN estate and connectivity is over SHDS to the other end...

itops by Beginner
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Folks Ive been having issues with the time sync on ASA5512-x.   Currently the firewall is configured to sync its time to a server 2003 PC (not a domain controller), this pc has been configured to run NTP (add a LocalNTP DW_WORD key to registry), Loca...

Here's a perl script that connects to an IPS device and then (when passed -l) logs to a file, somewhat simulating syslog. Without -l it will just log to screen, giving a nice pretty colour-coded output. It uses xsltproc and a stylesheet to translat...

bitterman by Beginner
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