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This Ask the Expert, follows the Expert Webcast 4/7, on Cloud Web Security (CWS), with a focus on deployment options as well as the Cloud Web Security Premium offering that includes Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Cognitive Threat Analytics (CT...

Hi,I am little confused with different models of Cisco ASA Firewalls.  I am trying to understand the real benefit of ASA Next-GEN ASA Firewalls. I understand the next-gen has visibility up to layer 7 but:- with CX the previous gen of ASA Firewall had...

S891 by Level 2
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Hello, everyoneI have been trying static nat on a ASA 5510 8.2(2), but it is not translating.  Public IP: IP: static (inside,outside) outside_access_in extended permit ip any any sh xlate ...

090002aaa by Level 1
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hey guysi have a server which accepts traffic on one port inside my network and clients outsides needs to access this server. the nat and accesslist works fine but there is a timeout issue and the connection fails ... note that without the asa client...

HI we had an issue in cisco ASA 5520, when we try to boot the system and press the escape key it is saying "booting system please wait" and nothing comes after that and the system is not booting after that. The Rommon mode is not coming as well, when...

Brief background.  I took a position with a new company and am trying to clean up the network(HUGE TASK). Initially I'm locking down the equipment, and my question is on ASA/PIX firewalls regarding SNMP community strings. I set the RO community, ques...

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