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Is there a option to visualize the rules in the FW environment ?Want to make a good picture of all rules in our network, for a discussion with some other people with less understanding of FW settingsthanks in advance,T.

Hi,I am implementing internet bandwidth HA provision to a customer.I am planing to assign 2 public ranges, /26 Public range for theirrouted network.I also want to assign /29 Handoff Network which will be configurebetween ASA outside interface and our...

networks by Level 1
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Resolved! ASA 5515-X

Hi Everyone,I'm hoping someone can help me out of this misery. I'm setting up an ASA 5515-5 and I can't figure it out how to properly setup STATIC NAT for our email server as well as our remote desktop server. I have experience with ASA 5505 but this...

Hello,As shown in the diagram attached , i have 2 firewalls one to be used as internal and the other as external , but i have only one public IP which will be on the outside interface of external firewall.So as shown in the diagram can i nat 192.168....

aryarahul by Level 1
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Hi everyone,If we have following NAT config ciscoasa(config)# static (inside,outsid) 200.x.x.x netmask dnsThere is server inside the ASA network and we want to give http access to this server so that anyone from internet...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Dear All,I am trying to establish an IPsec tunnel between two ASA but is it not working, the first phase ISAKMP itself not coming up, I checked all the documentation and every thing but still not able to solve the issue.Below is the Configuration of ...

Hello Everyone,This is my first post so please forgive me if I miss something. I have an ASA5512 running 8.6(1)2 that I am trying to NAT a public IP address from my ISP to multiple phone systems on the inside of my network. One of these phone systems...

jadragna1 by Level 1
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Hello Experts,I want to create a custom-signature to block all TELNET traffic going across my IOS IPS. I tried alot but it didnt work for me. i created a sig with String-Tcp engine > added regex and telnet port=23  but it does not work.can any one he...

Hello Experts,I just configured the remote VPN which is working fine and the pool IP addresses that I'm using for remote VPN, are added to access the firewall through inside interface via Asdm and ssh but when I connect with VPN then neither I'm able...

ray_stone by Level 1
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I'm new to ASA's and I am trying to configure two new ASA's.  Right now, I can't ping/browse to any URL's from the inside networks/interface.  I can ping from the external though.  I have verified that the traffic is allowed.  I'm getting a SYN Timeo...

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