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Resolved! Unable to access internet with ASA

Hi all,I am new to ASA  world.I have config ASA 5505 and it is conencted to layer 3 switch that connects to cable  Modem.ASA is config with DHCP option and PC is able to get the IP from ASA.But from PC i am unable to access the internet.From ASA  its...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! upgrade_startup_errors while upgrading IOS

Hi all,I have upgraded the IOS on ASA 5505.After doing upgrade i did sh flash126  1189        Sep 28 2012 17:27:39  upgrade_startup_errors_201209282327.logneed to know what are these errors is my start up config changed ?do i need to do something for...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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ASA5505 Multiple Licenses

I have an ASA5505 with the base license and need to create a fully functional DMZ and 15 SSL connections. I know I need to purchase the Sec+ license but am unsure on what to buy for the SSLs.Can I purchase 2 ASA5505-SSL10-K9 to achieve 20 SSL or do I...

Cybervex3 by Beginner
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Anyconnect with IPSEC

A customer has a 5505. According to the datasheet the limit of IPSEC sessions is 25 and the limit of anyconnect sessions is 25. Does that mean I can have 25 IPSEC tunnels and 25 Anyconnect tunnels at the same time? The customer needs at least 50 conc...

Resolved! ASA sysopt commands

Does anyone know if turning on the sysopt connection timewaitoption an ASA will affect any current traffic if it is already on production.  Just crossing the T's here.

cnienhuis by Beginner
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OSPF Input Packets Ignored

I am trying to configure my ASA 5545 firewall in area 0 but when I do so, the neighbor relationship never establishes.  A debug on OSPF gives only one response:OSPF: Input packet ignored.Here is my configuration:ASA 5545:router ospf 65310router-id 10...

IDS on ASA5505 / ASA5510

Hi,how do I configure IDS on a ASA5505/5510? Can these two ASA ever IDS without an additional module?Where can I find a manual oder book for the configuration of IDS on a ASA5505/5510?I`m not looking for the IPS, because I know that I need for the IP...

Help with firewall rules

This is my 1st time working with post 8.3 IOS and I am having trouble with the configuration.  I would like all computers in the inside network to access lower security zones (data and dmz) via all protocols.  I would have done this with a nat 0 and ...

support by Beginner
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