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Resolved! AnyConnect Configuration - Tunnel subnets that are on "Static Routes"

Hi!I've been trying to setup my Cisco ASA to handle VPN connections to a couple of subnets.So we have a LAN which we have XenServers on (Lab environment)On these machines we have a pfSense each to get a public IP so that we can NAT services to our vi...

Jonher937 by Beginner
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Prioritize traffic based on destination IP?

Hi all, we're looking to use an ASA5505 or 5510 as our firewall but want to see if one of them can help us prioritize traffic. I know it does QoS but we're wanting to dedicate x amount of our bandwidth to traffic based on destination IP address. Is t...

smitty0375 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA Class C IP addressing, routing subnet design issue, brainstorming, comments welcome!

I am carving up an internet Class C for customer. This class C is used by 3 distinct QA, Corporate and Production firewalls. I want to carve up IP space so there is a /26 for each environment. The issue I have is the firewalls may need communication ...

will by Participant
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ASA5520 Mgmt Interface

According to the below thread ASA5510 needs a security plus license to use Mgmt interface for regular traffic. there any license requirements to use the Mgmt interface of a ASA5520 (V8.4.2) as a regula...

IDM Launch Fails

Hi,I have 14 Cisco IDS sensors (4240,4255,IDSM-II) which I run IDM on for managment.  Haven't run IDM for a few weeks and on trying today I cannot get access to any of them!   I'm attempting to launch using IE 7.05 or Firefox 14.01 - both the same - ...

Setting up PAT

Client has a block of 5 static IP's for the ISP.  They currently have them all in use and set up with static nat (Inside,outside) commands.  They are adding a new web application and ftp server that will need to be accessed from the outside.  Is it p...

ASA5505 no boot

Hi!I have problems with two ASA5505 with software ASA Version 7.2(4)Both have stopped nothing happens when trying to boot up.The Power light is green and Status light is solid amber not green.How can two firewalls just be completely dead after three ...

lakerlund by Beginner
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