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Howdy all,So we are implementing a pair of 5510's and we want to do so using active/active. We also want to utilize the newest code ie 9.1(1). In reading about Active/Active, I am somewhat confused as it sounds like said mode should more acurately be...

I don't have an ASA to test at the moment so I have to ask experts in this forum:A friend of mine manages a Checkpoint firewall and in the security policy, there is a rule that says "any source from the Internet hitting a web server sitting the check...

david.tran by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies
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ASA#                                                                                (this is system context)context context  allocate-interface Port-channel2.1 INSIDE  config-url disk0:/configs/context.cfg  join-failover-group 1i get following error ...

gavin han by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hello!I have a 2801 that I am using ZBFW on and having issue getting DHCP. My policies are very simple, inspect from insidezone to outside and inspect on ports from outside to insidezone (for my port forwards). With no self zone policies in place I c...

hi,anyone knows why policy routing to a next hop ip address is not supported in asa ? will it be soon ? (i can only use route map with ospf metrics, there is no ip next hop command)Thank you

josephium by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Hello folks -I am confiuring ZFW on a Cisco 2951 Router. The router has the following interfaces:TypeIP AddressUsePort Channel 1.510.218.4.197/30RTR-SW-Inband-MGMT VLANPort Channel 1.1010.218.4.1/26User VLANPort Channel 1.1510.218.4.65/26DB/Servers V...

Hello,I'm going to upgrade our ASA5525-X to the new 9.1(1) software which should support new ASA CX.Has anyone tried new version of software with Context-Aware? Do I need to buy licence to enable CX?Thanks and have a good day!

rustamovea by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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This is for an ASA 5505 with the base license...I have a situation where I will not have one interface in my outside VLAN, but instead I want to have interfaces 1-7 in my outside VLAN and interface0/0 in my inside VLAN.Is this supported with the Base...

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