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Hi Guys,Is it possible to define a single user in a two separate  VPN Group? If  yes, if the  user is connecting, which group will take into effect? PS:  Acc to my  knowledge, u can add many users to one group, the users will  have access  and permis...

I am unable to remove an access list. Currently this this access list contains 4 lines of remarks. I was unsure if I was entering the command correctly and now I have 4 lines of "trash" that needs to be removed. Symptoms:     The "sh run" command sho...

Hi,Help me to understand!!!We have an internet link from ISP whic is terminated in a router(say Fa 0/0). ISP have provided me a public ip pool for our use. we have configured one of the ip from this pool in other interface of the router(say Fa 0/1) a...

Dear Experts,I need to add some of the customized signatures in Cisco IPS-4260, Can any1 help me in this?Signature #1: This signature matches against one or more of the following strings: "sqlmap\x2f""Absinthe\x2f""SQL Power Injector"Signature #2: Th...

Hello,Thank you for taking the time to read this.I am trying to achieve the following scenario. I would like the below IP NAT rules to only be usable on an external basis from a handful of hosts then implcitly deny all other traffic Inbound.The IP NA...

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