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am trying to config a FWSM by ASDM 6.2f.there are formerly configured interfaces and new interfaces i created.when i add a new access rule it gets added only to all the old interfaces but not to the new ones i created.1. what wrong with the new inter...

Dear Team,I'm using an ASA5505 with dhcpd.but i want to assign a specific IP address from the configured dhcp range to a specific PC. Is it possible to bind a specific ip to this particular PC's MAC address. Please advise.Regards,Suthakar

Hi,Background - I have a ASA which is connected with 2 internet service providers. Both providers have their respective public IP addresses configured to two different physical interfaces. I NAT the Inside zone proxy to one of the provider interface ...

rush2amol by Level 1
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I recently loaded a pair of Asa 5520s in a ha configuration. All rules VPNs and svc are working fine. Ever since the implementation users are complaining that websites are not loading correctly. The formatting is goofy and red x will appear over s...

642-617 and 642-647The last day to take these tests is May 28th.  If I pass them both, how long will they count as credit towards the CCNP Security?I have vouchers for both, and I'll take the exams, but I feel like I should take the new exams as well...

I am working with a client that currently has an ASA 5505 with two ISPs for failover using a tracked interface.  I would like to configure logging so that the ASA will email us when the Primary ISP goes down and fails over to the backup.  Here is wha...

I just got my PIX515e configured and thought I had it working correctly, but on my 3745 router, the line protocol is down, I've looked through the configs for bot the PIX and the 3745 and can't seem to figure out why I don't have access. Would anyone...

jwood1650 by Level 1
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